New York Jets – Assessing the Culture

Dylan Price dives into the current culture of the New York Jets

Last week prior to his trade, Jamal Adams granted the Daily News and exclusive in which he didn’t mince words on the state of the Jets franchise. From shots at the ownership, general manager and even coach, Adams let it all fly. All though Adams may be gone, the Jets floundering culture is a much more deeply rooted issue.


AFC East Quarterbacks – Josh Allen vs. Sam Darnold

Dylan Price with a closer look at Josh Allen vs. Sam Darnold heading into the third year of the NFL careers

*Que Bruce Buffer*, “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!”

In one corner, the third pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the kid from Cali, Sam Darnold. In the blue corner, the seventh selection in the 2018 draft, the other Cali kid, Josh Allen.


New York Jets – What If Anthony Barr Did Sign?

Dylan Price with a “what if” – Anthony Barr followed through and signed with the New York Jets?

The Jets most talked about offseason in recent memory was the 2019 offseason. The offseason saw them add pro bowlers, C.J. Mosley and Le’Veon Bell. They added a dynamic playmaker in Jamison Crowder and an efficient slot corner in Brian Poole. The one spot they failed to address that offseason, was pass rusher. The Jets knew when they inked Gregg Williams to be the defensive coordinator, that he can harness the best out of the worst situations. However, they wanted to give him another toy to play with in his defense. That player was going to be Anthony Barr.


New York Jets – The Running Back Situation

Dylan Price breaks down the New York Jets situation at running back

The Jets have had their fair share of running backs in the past few years. In the past two years there has been a complete overhaul. As the Jets enter the season with a former All Pro, a future hall of famer and a dynamic rookie, it’s time to breakdown the running back room of now, and the future.


New York Jets – Analyzing Jets Inside Linebacker Depth

Dylan Price breaks down the New York Jets crowded inside linebacker depth chart

The New York Jets have accumulated an extensive amount of depth at the ILB position. In the 2019 offseason, the Jets inked C.J. Mosley to one of the richest deals for a linebacker in the league’s history. The former first rounder immediately was deemed a staple of the Jets defense. However, after one game he went down with a groin injury that plagued the entirety of the season. The Jets old regime handed the 4 time pro bowler a rich deal in what some viewed as a last ditch effort for Mike Maccaganan to salvage his job, expecting him to lead the defense for 5 years.


New York Jets – Under The Radar Depth

Dylan Price with 4 surprise players who can stick on the New York Jets final roster…

The Jets have something they haven’t had in years, depth. For so long it’s felt like the Jets have slapped bandaids on key positions and hoped for the best with the backups. If you look at positions like wide receiver, corner, edge rusher and offensive line, there’s been a lack of depth there for years. In no means are the issues resolved at those positions or is there a surplus of talented players, and that’s why that lack of depth could vault a few underrated players onto the roster…


New York Jets – You Can Only Pay One Safety

Dylan Price on the New York Jets being unable to pay Marcus Maye long term

Jamal Adams is one of if not the most crucial player to the New York Jets success. He’s a dynamic player capable of making an impact in a variety of ways. In the same draft class, the Jets also selected another safety who’s gone on to be an impact player, Marcus Maye. Despite battling injuries, Maye has been the Robin to Jamal’s Batman. The duo have been a staple of the Jets secondary for a few years now. However, Jamal Adams’ longing to get PAID could push his tag team partner out of New York.