TOJ’s Know Your Opponent: Miami Dolphins

This Jets season has been one to forget and Zach Wilson is running out of time to give fans something concrete to really believe he is going to be a franchise QB one day. Now an undermanned Jets team gets to travel to Miami to face a blitz happy defense fighting to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

Coaching: Brian Flores has had an interesting season, starting off 1-7 but has righted the ship and has gotten the Miami defense to return to form during their 5 game winning streak. The Miami Dolphins offense is fake and runs 4 yard RPO’s game after game while dinking and dunking its way down the field. I still refuse to learn the names of either of their Offensive Coordinators.

Personnel: QB Tua Tuagiviloa has become an efficient check down machine for the Dolphins. Jets catch a massive break with no stud-rookie WR Jaylen Waddle in this game. The Dolphins OL is still god awful, and the rest of the Dolphins skill guys are average at best.

On defense, rookie edge rusher Jalean Phillips has really come alive with 6 sacks in his last 3 games. CB’s Xavieran Howard and Byron Jones are two of the best man corners in football and are very likely to bully the Jets WRs in the same way the Saints corners did. Jets catch another break, though, because budding star safety Javon Holland is also missing this game.

Potential Weaknesses: the Dolphins OL is still very bad and the Jets DL should be looking to overwhelm them. The Dolphins do not run the ball well and have injuries at the RB position. Tua’s security blanket has been Waddle: without him, there will be an opportunity to make him second-guess and make mistakes.

Matchup: Zach Wilson has not been good at all this season. He has not put together 4 average/goodish quarters in a row yet. It feels foolish to predict that changes this week without his two best WRs and potentially playing with a Third String LT. The Jets offense is going to have to get creative to get the 20 points that they’re going to need to keep this game close and potentially sneak out a win. Part of that is going to be to take the game out of the rookie QB’s hands. Otherwise they’re going down with the ship in a likely multi-turnover ugly loss game for Zach.

Prediction: I don’t know how you can predict the Jets to win another game this season with the injuries they have and their recent performances. Miami wins an ugly game: Dolphins 17 Jets 9.