TOJ’s By The Numbers for the New York Jets: Week 13, Philadelphia Eagles Edition

Will Parkinson previews key metrics to know ahead of the Jets-Eagles game.

In this edition of “Jets By the Numbers,” Will Parkinson tackles 4 key metrics to know ahead of this Sunday’s Jets-Eagles game.

11: The Jets through their franchise history have had some big ups, some big downs, and a lot in between… that said one of the more frankly embarrassing statistics is the fact the Jets have NEVER beaten the Eagles. They’re a lousy 0-11 vs their neighbors down the Jersey Turnpike. The last few times the Jets have faced the Eagles in Philly and it has been very ugly. Whether it was the start of the 2011 late season demise or the Luke Faulk game a few years ago, it has not been fun. The storyline for not only the Jets season but the matchup history overall removing that goose egg from the win column. There is no better chance for the Jets to win than Sunday.

5.1: The Eagles’ run game is very impressive. They average over 5 yards a run on over 370 attempts already this season. The plan even with a hobbled Jalen Hurts will be a ton of runs for the Eagles and trying to take their run game on the road to Metlife. While the Eagles offense looked putrid in week 12 against the Giants, in past games they were able to the run the ball at will as well as throw it, and this is the reason the Eagles have gotten hot and entered the playoff picture. The Jets struggled a lot all year defending the run but have been able to get better in recent weeks and the Jets will need their defensive line, Quincy Williams and CJ Mosley to bring it on Sunday if they want to extend the win streak to 2.

12: The Jets’ two biggest names on their defensive line outside of Carl Lawson are Quinnen Williams and John Franklin-Myers. One (JFM) has gotten paid and Q is looking to get himself a big day this offseason or next. They have combined for 12 sacks this year and have both for the majority of the season played at a very high level. For the Jets to beat the Eagles, they’re going to need a similar performance from their defensive line anchors against a really stout and physical Eagles offensive line. While expecting the combination to have 3-4 sacks and a turnover every week isn’t realistic, it is very important for the Jets to be able to get consistent production from two guys who are trying to break that double digit sack mark for the first time in their career.

100: Can the Jets get Elijah Moore and Zach Wilson on the same page to combine for over 100 yards in a game this season? They have a good opportunity Sunday if the duo can take a lot of the Eagles’ soft zone coverage looks and crank out yards. So far the two haven’t necessarily gotten on the same page but started to show signs in the 2nd half against Houston and with the Jets facing another elite corner like Darius Slay, it’s imperative Zach Wilson and Elijah Moore get going early and often and take the easy stuff in the pass game so later on they can stretch the defense for an explosive play.