TOJ’s #BurningQuestions Heading into Jets-Saints

In this week’s burning questions column, TOJ Live Co-Host Stephen Zantz will be addressing the burning questions surrounding the team heading into Saints week. The Jets fell to the Eagles 33-18 which has them at 3-9 on the season.

Why can’t the Jets figure out kicker and punter? Man, I can go on for hours on this. The Jets are an abomination at both kicker and punter right now. Saleh moved on from Matt Ammendola and made Alex Kessman the kicker and this didn’t matter as Kessman missed his first 2 XPs and Saleh had enough. Kickers can impact the game way more than casual football fans ever realize. If Kessman makes his 2 XPs, the Jets have 20 points and aren’t going for 2 on their 3rd TD and are down 12 instead of 15. Now, Kessman made his 1st career appearance in the NFL on Sunday so he gets a little bit of pass but let’s move right on to Braden Mann. I do not care that the Jets used a 2020 6th rounder on him: CUT HIM TODAY! He is god awful and continues to show it. When he was hurt, Morstead actually gave the Jets quality punting. Joe Douglas needs to address this because it is impacting games and how the staff has to approach their in-game adjustments. (Update: The Jets have signed K Eddy Piniero at 11:24 am Monday morning).

Does the defense know the object is to stop the other team? I do not care that they are undermanned or that they are full of 1st and 2nd year players. The Jets defense looked like they don’t know what they are doing and allowed every Eagles pass catcher to have a 10 yard cushion yesterday. The amount of missed tackles was alarming. Miles Sanders looked like Barry Sanders out there. Gardner Minshew wasn’t even close to being touched (credit the Eagles terrific O-line). The defensive line is overrated. I know they were missing Rankins but, come on now: teams can literally run for 150 yards in their sleep against this run defense. I need Saleh and Ulbrich to figure out as to why this defense is clueless and gave the amount of spacing they did to every Eagles’ offensive weapon. Dallas Goedert just scored another TD.

Can Zach Wilson stack back-to-back good games? After a relatively meh game against the Texans, Zach Wilson finally showed you signs he can be a good NFL QB against the Eagles. It wasn’t a perfect performance but the Jets scored not 1, not 2, but 3 first half touchdowns. Zach accounted for all 3 of them (2 passing and 1 rushing). Zach finally showed the chemistry we were looking for with Elijah Moore connected for their first TD connection. Zach had a few throws yesterday where you were wowed by his arm talent. He also was hitting a lot more short-to-intermediate throws we saw him miss a lot earlier this season. He had a few easy misses and a bad INT but there were a lot of good things against Philly. What I want to see going forward is a strong performance against the Saints instead of reverting back to his pre-injury form. If Zach plays well in back-to-back games, that will give fans confidence and hope heading into 2022. I believe he will have another nice game against New Orleans hovering around 300 yards and multiple TDs.

Can we end the Denzel Mims nonsense? I’ve never seen a more polarizing player discussed on #JetsTwitter than Denzel Mims despite accomplishing close to nothing. I’m not saying get rid of the guy but stop clamoring for him to get more reps. He had a golden opportunity to get more playing time this week and didn’t do a thing other than commit a questionable block in the back call and catch 1 garbage time pass. The Jets need to find another reliable receiver to pair with Elijah Moore. Corey Davis simply is too inconsistent to be counted on as the compliment to Elijah. I thought Mims could be a the long term answer on the outside for the red zone but I’m starting to think he will just be a body on this team until proven otherwise. I hope I’m wrong but the fanbase needs to stop asking why he’s not playing.

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