TOJ’s Burning Questions Heading into Jets-Dolphins, Part 2

Stephen Zantz answers your burning questions headed into Jets-Dolphins.

In this week’s burning questions column, TOJ Live Co-Host Stephen Zantz will be addressing the burning questions surrounding the team heading into Dolphins week. The Jets fell to the Saints 30-9 which has them at 3-10 on the season.

Why can’t the Jets compete consistently? I took a lot of heat on Twitter on Monday for suggesting the Ravens are a perfect example of how injuries should not be an excuse for the Jets not being able to compete. I totally understand the Ravens have way more talent and a better coaching staff. At the end of the day, every team deals with injuries and most of them still find ways to compete. The Lions are worse than the Jets roster wise and have competed far more often in their losses than the Jets have. The Jets are young and inexperienced but that doesn’t excuse getting your doors blown off time after time. The Jets flat out quit on that last Taysom Hill touchdown in the 4th quarter. I blame that on Saleh as your guys should be competing until the clock hits 0:00 in the 4th quarter. The fanbase deserves better and needs to show some fight the final 4.

Did the Jets make a mistake taking Zach Wilson 2nd overall? The takes have been hot surrounding the rookie QB out of BYU. Let’s make no mistake about it, he flat out stunk against the Saints. He was missing layup throws and forcing some wild passes. He was holding the ball too long and he even slid too early on two scrambles that could have been bigger plays. I understand why fans are quickly giving up on the kid, the negatives have far outweighed the positives. This franchise really doesn’t deserve any benefit of the doubt on being trusted to get it right. I still firmly believe Zach has immense talent and probably wasn’t ready to start based on what we are seeing. Let’s give the kid two full seasons as a starter before we jump ship. On a positive note, Chris Simms who has had a pretty good eye for QB talent isn’t discouraged by ZW. Take a listen here:

Is this Jets defensive line overrated?  I am going to say that the anointed strength of the team in August is extremely overrated. This DL cannot stop the run and is wildly inconsistent when it comes to getting the QB. Quinnen, JFM, and Rankins are all good players. Quinnen may even turn out to be great. The difference between good and great is playing at a high level week in and week out. Q fails to do so. The Jets are probably the 17-20th best DL in the league not the top 10 unit we were sold on by pundits in August. Let’s hope Carl Lawson returning and potentially an elite edge prospect can help get us where we need to be to make this defense vastly improved in 2022.

Will the Jets win another game? It’s 100% fair to wonder if the Jets may lose out. There isn’t a lot of evidence to suggest they won’t. The final four includes a trip to Miami, home vs Jacksonville and Tampa, and finally a trip to Buffalo. Jacksonville is the only game I can say the Jets should win but doesn’t mean they will. The Jaguars are actually worse than the Jets and the coach seems likely to be one and done. This week against the Dolphins who have been very hot lately is a tall task. It’s a division game which usually always makes it closer than it should be. Zach didn’t play Miami the first time but their defense has been outstanding. Miami is getting this one unless Zach plays excellent football. Tom Brady is going to wipe the floor with the Jets as it could be the last time he ever plays them. Buffalo is most likely going to be playing for wild card positioning in week 18 but nothing would make me happier than spoiling their season. 4-13 or 5-12 is really all we can hope for at this point.

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