TOJ’s Know Your Opponent: New York Jets v Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have been memed all year, and most memes consistent of “they are not a real football team” and “they are tanking this year.” Well… the Houston Texans are coming off a big win against the Titans last week and they are FAVORED against our New York Jets. Man, this is gonna a weird game on Sunday.

Coaching- David Culley is the HC of the Texans, a hire that was universally panned. Culley is an old school coach who loves punting and doesn’t like analytics. His Defensive Coordinator, former Bears HC Lovie Smith, calls the Tampa 2 zone all game long on defense. He dares you to beat it and, lo and behold, most teams end up doing just that. On the other side of the ball, Tim Kelly is their OC and has actually has done some fun stuff with this offense and Tyrod Taylor.

Personnel- Laremy Tunsil is a very good LT, Brandin Cooks deserves to be on a better team and is a very productive WR, and Tyrod Taylor is a serviceable QB but this roster severely lacks talent and is filled with more JAGS than the state of Florida.

Potential Weakness- The Texans defense is very solid against the pass but they struggle mightily against the run. While no Michael Carter hurts the Jets, Ty Johnson can still take advantage of this run defense. The Texans OL outside of Tunsil is leaky, particularly in the interior, and the Jets DL should be poised to take advantage.

Matchup- When I and many other Jets fans saw the schedule this year we all looked at the Texans game as a win. Houston beating the Titans without any of their WRs or Derrick Henry should not change that. The Jets are more talented and, I hope, better coached than Houston and they deserve to be criticized harshly if they don’t win.

Prediction- I think the Jets beat the Texans. I think the run game gets going and Zach has an efficient multi TD game. The Jets DL wreck this game and the Jets win 27-17.

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