TOJ’s By The Numbers for the New York Jets: Week 12, Houston Texans Edition

Will Parkinson previews key metrics ahead of the Jets-Texans game.

In this edition of “Jets By the Numbers,” Will Parkinson tackles 4 key metrics to know ahead of this Sunday’s Jets-Texans game.

9: The Jets have moved themselves all the way up in the NFL rankings to the 9th best pass offense. Considering how bad the Jets have been in this category–frankly since the 1970s plus or minus a few blips on the radar– this is fantastic to see. Probably the craziest part of the whole situation is that the Jets have done this with a rookie offensive coordinator, and not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4!!! different quarterbacks. It is truly a compliment to this coaching staff that only continues to get better. While Houston is a middle of the road pass defense, the Jets will have plenty of chances to attack the Texans “2-High Shell” with Zach Wilson making his return. If the Jets can be patient and run the ball to set up some deep shots, it could be a very big day for Zach Wilson and the Jets offense.

27.0: I mentioned it a bit above but Zach Wilson will be making his much talked about return Sunday for gang green. Wilson had a very up and down (mostly down) first 5 and a half games. Wilson right now is second to last in the NFL with a 27.0 QBR according to ESPN. Clearly there is a lot of work and progress to be made for the uber-talented 22 year old gun slinger. If Wilson can follow a similar blueprint to guys like Joe Flacco, Mike White and Josh Johnson and both take what is their in the check down and short game, while also flashing his huge arm in the deep passing game then Wilson’s QBR will shoot up quickly and get him out of the QBR cellar. It is important for Zach Wilson to take care of the ball but also not lose what made him such a desired prospect.

271.1: The Houston Texans offense in 2021 has left a lot to be desired. They’re averaging a lowly 271.1 yards per game this season. That is good for dead last in the NFL by a wide margin. The Jets defense has obviously been this teams biggest weakness this season, and while last week they were very serviceable vs a middle of the pack Miami offense, the Jets need their defense to travel to Houston this weekend vs this Texans offense. I would expect them to do whatever they can shut down Brandin Cooks and make Tyrod Taylor and this running game beat them. There isnt really an excuse for the Jets defense to be gashed this weekend.

94: The Jets this season on the road have been in a word, bad. They have been outscored on the road by 94 points over just 5 road games, which is a pretty brutal number. While it is expected that they would struggle on the road being a young team, the Jets need a better performance on the road this weekend in Houston. Houston is a team similar to the Jets who generally has been better at home but not traveled well so this will be a good test for young Jets football team. The Jets go into Sundays contest as 3 point underdogs, but I feel this is a game that is pretty close to a must in a season of rebuilding. With Zach Wilson and Bryce Huff returning and the Jets facing their easiest road game, there is no excuse to not make this game competitive let alone win.