TOJ Pick Six w/ Stephen Zantz (Week 9 Jets/Bills TNF)

Stephen Zantz tackles 6 fan questions ahead of this Sunday’s Jets-Bills game.

The Pick Six column officially returns as TOJ Live Co-Host Stephen Zantz answers your Twitter questions. He will also consider questions that Joe Caporoso doesn’t get a chance to answer during his weekly Saturday AMAs. Don’t forget to tweet Stephen questions every week at @szantz on Twitter.

From @christianity999: Do you think LDT gets a shot at RG soon or does Van Roten keep his job? I do think he gets a crack at RG before the end of the season. I will say that GVR has been better the past two weeks but we know it’s most likely not sustainable given his history the past 2 years. If GVR really struggles this week, look for a shake up in the Miami game.

From @JoeHorning1: How irrational will fans be when JD drafts Defense and OL only with the first 4 picks? Extremely! I think that TE will be a spot that JD addresses early in the draft because let’s face it this room ain’t cutting it. I think two of those four picks will be an IOL and safety. Marcus Maye is gone so JD needs to pivot to getting someone who can be legit starter on the backend. I hope the Jets don’t take Linderbaum in the top 10 but who knows? Stingley or Booth in the top 10 would make me extremely happy.

From @danlawhunter: Should Nasirildeen go back to safety? This was question for Joe C on Saturday and honestly I like this idea. The Jets have been a revolving door at safety all season and Ashtyn has been meh at best. I think Saleh may seriously consider this with Maye done for the year. Given the Jets have gotten healthier at LB I can see this being a real possibility down the road. The Jets really need to draft a safety early next year (not top 10).

From @tj85503381: Is there a chance the defense shows up next week? Yes, it showed up the entire first month of the season. Whether Bills Mafia wants to admit it or not, their team is struggling. They had trouble with both the Dolphins and Jaguars in back to back weeks. Now, this could easily be the get right matchup for the Bills, but I will say the Bills cannot run the ball. I know this because I have Zach Moss in fantasy and he never gets past 60 yards. This game will be a true test for a young secondary. I’m really looking forward to Diggs vs Bryce.

From @ViepszLucas: TE draft or free agency? I think JD has to address it during both periods. I am a huge fan of Ruckert (TE from Ohio State) and would love if the Jets drafted him next year. As it stands (extensions or tags can be done), the TE free agent class is really strong. Dallas Goedert is the best available but I don’t envision Philly not retaining him. The interesting names the Jets should target should they be available are Mike Gesicki, Dalton Schultz, Evan Engram, and David Njoku. Cj Uzomah intrigues me as well.

From @nyjetsfan4life1: Do you believe Mike White is our lord and savior this franchise has been looking for? I unfortunately do not. I was pleasantly surprised by his play against Cincy and thought he looked solid before getting hurt in Indy. I said this on TOJ Live this week but he should get the start this week vs BUF. This allows you to see if he can continue his strong play while also allowing Zach to be 100% recovered from his PCL injury. If White stinks, you go back to Zach and White at the very least is your backup in 2022. Good problem to have right now in the Jets QB room.