TOJ’s By The Numbers for the New York Jets: Week 11, Miami Edition

Will Parkinson previews 4 key metrics ahead of this Sunday’s Dolphins game.

In this edition of “Jets By the Numbers,” Will Parkinson tackles 4 key metrics to know ahead of this Sunday’s Jets-Dolphins game.

175: The Jets defense has certainly taken a turn for the worse over the past 4 weeks. The Jets defense has surrendered 175 points over the past 4 weeks and it is one of the worst marks in the last 50 years in the NFL; in fact, it is the first time since the 1966 Giants over a 4 game stretch. The Jets defense has certainly been dealt a ton of injury blows, including key starters such as Carl Lawson, Bryce Huff, Marcus Maye and recently Brandin Echols as well as others. However, there is still no excuse for that amount of points being surrendered on a weekly basis. If the Jets want to get close to that 6-7 win mark over this next stretch of winnable games the defense is seriously going to have to step up their game.

27:  The Dolphins offensive line is in a word… Bad. One of the biggest criticisms of the Chris Grier and Brian Flores era has been the drafting and development of their offensive line. They have given up 27 sacks already this season in an offense that is meant to get the ball out quickly. The Jets defensive line has been very up and down this season and if the Jets are to win Sunday, it will in large part to the ability to get after Tua and force turnovers. 

4: Over the past 4 weeks the Jets have really been able to get their young stud wideout Elijah Moore going. He has 4 touchdowns over the past 4 weeks in a stretch where he has had 4 different QBs to play with at points. Moore is a key building block for the Jets and if he can continue to develop over the rest of 2021, it will give them another young asset to help change the culture and start moving them in the right direction. They have gotten a lot more creative with Moore over the past few weeks, moving him around and getting him touches and that needs to continue this week versus a good Dolphins secondary, who play a ton of man coverage, and there is no better guy to exploit that than Elijah Moore.

18: As exciting as the Jets offense has generally been over the past month, the amount of turnovers is killing the Jets overall. While there have been 4 different QBs that have played snaps for the Jets, they have combined for 18 interceptions through just 9 games this season including multiple 4 interception games. It is very understandable to have turnovers with a young coordinator, QB, and roster, but with the defense struggling the way they have, throwing multiple interceptions a game isn’t sustainable. With Zach Wilson likely to return this week the Jets would love to see a clean game or limit that to potentially just 1 int. If Zach can take care of the ball and show some flashes I think people around the league and in the media will start to feel a lot better.