1st & 10: Another Ugly Division Loss

Stephen Russo tackles the topics on Jets fans’ minds after a humiliating loss last week against the Bills.


The Mike White era was fun while it lasted. He provided us with excitement, albeit short lived, and we enjoyed every minute of it. From the 405 yards against Cincinnati and the “Secaucus Special” two-point conversion to the Elijah Moore touchdown against the Colts and the “what could have been” if he stayed in the game. It was fun.

The truth is, and we all knew this deep down, that White was not the long-term answer but he could prove to be a viable backup who could win in spot starts… which isn’t a bad thing. White proved that, especially against a really good Bills defense, he isn’t equipped to push the ball downfield or outside the numbers. However, what he also showed us was a way that Zach Wilson can mold his game to include a little more of Mike White in it. Now, we can all agree, that the ability to maneuver the pocket and extend plays like Rodgers, Allen, Mahomes, Wilson, etc. is rare, and that Wilson has that ability. The way to win consistently in the NFL is to take that ability and use it when needed, but also take the Mike White ability to check down and take what the defense gives you from time to time.

In Sam Darnold’s rookie year, some time away from the field really proved beneficial to him. I believe that time away will do the same for Wilson. I am excited to see him return.

& 10…

1. In the last 4 games, the Jets defense has allowed 175 points and 1890 yards. This may be the worst defense we have ever seen. Yikes.

2. Down 10-0 early in the 2nd quarter, the Jets had a 4th and 1 in Bills territory and took a delay of game. That is inexcusable on so many levels. If the Jets convert there and score a touchdown, it could change the course of the game. It simply cannot happen – that is on players and coaches.

3. This team is simply not good enough to overcome major obstacles and self-inflicted wounds. The Corey Davis fumble at the end of the half is the perfect example of a stupid mistake that a veteran leader can’t make.

4. Referees in the NFL this season are a complete joke. The crew that worked the Jets-Bills game was in another stratosphere of incompetence.

5. I still believe in Robert Saleh and will not make my mind up on a Head Coach with the youngest roster in the NFL after 9 games. However, his answer to the media on his defensive scheme was Gase-level stubbornness. That is something that has to change. Good coaches adapt to their player’s strengths. Bad coaches try to fit square pegs in round holes. Be the former.

6. Even in garbage time, I love seeing Elijah Moore and Michael Carter contribute. Those two are foundational pieces of this offense. Elijah Moore is the #1 option for the Jets offense, they should begin treating him like it.

7. The Jets desperately need a tight end. They should take one with one of their first four picks in the 2022 draft.

8. There were numerous late hits on Mike White on Sunday that were noticeably after the whistle. It is one thing that the refs did absolutely nothing about it, but it is worse that the offensive line did nothing about it as well.

9. This team has gotten their butts kicked 3 out of the last 4 weeks. In those games, the opponent chose to still throw the ball when the game was well out of reach. If the Jets want stop this, I’d suggest taking it personally and hitting the QB every now and again. That’ll make coaches question whether or not to keep their foot on the gas.

10. I couldn’t care less what Rex Ryan has to say. He was fun for two years here and a joke for four. If taking digs at Robert Saleh is his way to stay relevant, then so be it. But let’s not act like Ryan doesn’t own his fair share of blowouts. He was on the receiving end of more than a few butt-whooping’s and acts like he wouldn’t ever allow a team he coached to get beat like that. Well, we have the proof, Rex! How about the Monday Night Massacre? Or losing 45-19 at Philadelphia with the playoffs within reach in 2011? Anyone remember the Butt Fumble game? That was a 49-19 blowout on National TV on Thanksgiving. 49-9 loss in Cincinnati in 2013? Or 38-3 coming off a bye week playing a Bills team that couldn’t practice and had to play in Detroit???? Need I say more? Rex can take a hike, and good for Saleh saying “he knows where to find me.” Now take that same intensity to the field.