TOJ’s Know Your Opponent: New York Jets v. Tennessee Titans

The Jets are trying to avoid going 0-4 for the 3rd straight season. On tap for today is a banged-up Titans team that the Jets have no excuses to not be competitive against.
Coaching: Mike Vrabel has made the playoffs his last 2 years in Tennessee and had a winning record every year. However, he has struggled to field a competent defense since Dean Peas left after the 2019 season. Todd Downing is the OC who replaced Arthur Smith, was one of the best play callers the past 2 seasons, and it remains to be seen if Downing can maintain the high standards Smith set.

Offense: Ryan Tannehill has undergone a late-career renaissance in Tennessee as he has been one of the most efficient QBs in the NFL the past 2 years and has kept that up this season. Derrick Henry remains one of the best running backs in the league and will no doubt be featured heavily today. AJ Brown and Julio are two of the 10 best WRs in the NFL, in my opinion, and would decimate our corner group but thankfully both will not play today. The Titans OL is not what it used to be and what was once a dominant unit has become the middle of the pack.

Defense:  The Titans defense is bad. Like lol bad. They tried retooling it this off-season by adding Bud Dupree for their pass rush and getting younger at corner with First-rounder Caleb Farley and 3rd rounder Elijah Molden, but Farley and Dupree are both hurt. Jeffrey Simmons is one of the best defensive tackles in the league and he can wreck a game especially when the Jets continue to start the Chuckle Brothers that are Mcogvern and Van Rotten.

Weaknesses: As previously mentioned the Titans are dealing with injuries at key spots: let me reiterate that they are missing their two best WRs, starting edge rusher and cornerback. Their OL is also dealing with nagging injuries. Chandler Jones and Arizona destroyed this OL week 1 and the Jets DL will be the best one the Titans have faced since so they should be poised to take advantage.

Matchup: With Brown and Julio out This offense is all on Derrick Henry. If the Jets can limit Henry and keep Tannehill in 3rd and long all game they should have great success with their pass rush. Let’s be clear: WR1 Josh Reynolds isn’t scaring anyone. The Jets offense has been abysmal and it still remains to be seen if they can take advantage of a weak defense. The Titans are 31st against play-action passes so hopefully, Lafleur is dialing those up early and often.

Prediction: if the Jets are the frisky 6-7 win team we thought they were this game has to be competitive. I think it will be and I think we will see Zach Wilson’s best day in a Jets uniform and a turnover-free day. A back and forth game that ends with Zach Wilson completing a 2 min drill TD.
Jets 21, Titans 20