TOJ Roundtable: Which Offseason Move Should the Jets Have Made?

Your favorite TOJ hosts tackle the question of which offseason move should have been made in hindsight

Your favorite TOJ hosts tackle the question: in hindsight, what’s one move the Jets should have made this offseason?

Will Parkinson: Veteran QB. This one seems pretty obvious at this point but it’s insane it took this long. The Jets have an electrifying rookie QB who is 22 years old with 35 combined college and NFL starts. Not only do the Jets have a rookie quarterback who needs to be mentored but the Jets have a rookie offensive coordinator and head coach and could’ve used the help. This isn’t to say Zach Wilson will consistently be injured throughout his career but he did struggle with minor injuries in college and has another one right now in a PCL sprain. Backup QB is one of the most valuable positions in the sport and the Jets had every opportunity to add one. Waiting until Week 7 with Zach Wilson hurt and team at 1-5 it is a bad look for the front office. It’s not the reason they’re 1-5, but it certainly isn’t helping that they had to bring back Flacco 6 months after letting him walk for nothing.

Dylan Price: Corey Linsley. Obviously, adding a veteran quarterback, cornerback or filling other voids would have been huge given where the Jets have struggled and where they stand. A lot’s been made about the poor passing performances to this point, but another massive issue has been the team’s rushing attack. Sure, yes, the team is behind more often than not and airing it out is often more optimal. With that said, the Jets have the worst rushing offense in football, and it’s not close. The running game constantly fails to get into a rhythm, and adding a lead blocker in the middle who can get to the second level would be a great way of opening things up in the rushing attack. Linsley is also a very good pass blocker and could give Zach more time, while also being more of a threat to take out another guy in the middle of the defense. I understood the reluctance to break the bank, but Linsley could have provided more stability to this offensive line and significantly aided what’s been an awful rushing attack.

Stephen Russo: Recency bias would suggest that a veteran quarterback like Nick Foles or Nick Mullens would have been the play here, however, I would agree with Dylan above and choose center Corey Linsley.  While he probably made a wise decision to go to LA to play with Justin Herbert, money talks and Joe Douglas should have thrown the bag at him to make Linsley’s decision easier.  Signing Linsley and moving McGovern to RG would have been extremely beneficial to this team’s pass blocking, run game, and overall offense.  Greg Van Roten has been the biggest disappointment on the Jets to date, proving week over week how ill-equipped he is to be a starting RG in the NFL.  Any move to get GVR out of the starting lineup would have been a smart one.