TOJ Pick Six w/ Stephen Zantz (Week 6 Bye)

Stephen Zantz tackles reader questions in this edition of Pick Six.

The Pick Six column officially returns as TOJ Live Co-Host Stephen Zantz answers your Twitter questions. He, also, will consider questions that Joe Caporoso doesn’t get a chance to answer during his weekly Saturday AMAs. Don’t forget to tweet Stephen questions every week at @szantz on Twitter.

From @mark_palios: Any updates on Becton and his potential availability? As of now (10/12), nothing new on when Becton is slated to return. The initial diagnosis was 4-6 weeks when it happened which was a month ago. My best guess is that he could be back after the bye, but I would be stunned if he wasn’t back for the Bengals game on Halloween. Given his history of getting nicked up, I want to make sure the staff is cautious here and doesn’t rush him back.

From @christianity999: Is it concerning at all to not have any interceptions through 5 games? This is concerning but it’s more concerning to have so few turnovers overall from the defense. To win in the NFL, you need to force turnovers. The Jets are 1-4 and it shows considering they have only forced 4 turnovers in 5 games. Ulbrich and Saleh will emphasize the importance of this during the bye and I expect more turnovers to come the rest of the way.

From @joehorning1: At what point in the season can we start trying other younger players at right guard. Can’t get any worse than what we have. Same goes for TE. The unfortunate truth here is there is no young option to try out at RG. Cam Clark is on IR and is done for the year. The other IOL options are Dan Feeney (yuck), Isaiah Williams (journeyman), and Ross Pierschbacher (PS depth). I don’t think the staff feels any better about the options I just listed over GVR. An injury is the only way for a change at RG. As for TE, if Sunday wasn’t getting Kenny Yeboah on the field I don’t know what will. I think TE is going to remain the same going forward as well.

From @TheBegonis: What are your thoughts on the team bringing McCown in end of November once his son’s high school football season is over? Sign me the hell up. A friend asked me about this yesterday and I couldn’t be more in. McCown would be the perfect guy to help Zach out with the little things a rookie doesn’t know as he goes through the season. Darnold said McCown was huge in his rookie year development and I think it would be the same for Zach. I hate to rip Mike White, but he has no experience in a regular season game and is only been in the NFL for 2 years. The Jets need a legit veteran presence in the QB room. Foles would be amazing as well.

From @mchugh: Why is Michael Carter not getting 20-30 carries a game? This is more of a function of what LaFleur was used to in SF. The Niners would always use multiple backs and he is trying to deploy the same approach with the Jets. With that said, I think the Jets should phase out Johnson or Coleman to give Carter more touches. He’s easily been the best back thus far and will only get better. Expect more touches coming out of the bye and beyond.

From @GaseJ3t: How concerning are Zach’s struggles with short and intermediate throws? Is the game moving too fast for him? It’s been alarming for sure specifically on two of the missed throws against the Falcons (ex. Crowder bubble screen), but I think it’s very fixable. Zach has insane arm talent and seems to always want the big play. I don’t think the game moving too fast for him is the issue. I think he’s trying to do too much because of his ability to hit big time throws. A big point of emphasis during the bye week should be to correct the short play woes and figure out ways to get Moore the ball in space. Long term I think this is very easy to fix.