TOJ Pick Six w/ Stephen Zantz (Week 5 Jets/ATL)

Stephen Zantz is back with his Pick Six Column recapping the Jets’ big win versus the Titans.

The Pick Six column officially returns as TOJ Live Co-Host Stephen Zantz answers your Twitter questions. He, also, will consider questions that Joe Caporoso doesn’t get a chance to answer during his weekly Saturday AMAs. Don’t forget to tweet Stephen questions every week at @szantz on Twitter.

From @BoyGreen25: What’s been the most impressive thing about Jeff Ulbrich as DC? Honestly, everything Ulbrich has done with this defense has been damn impressive. Since I have to pick one, it has to be his work with the secondary. The corners are super young and the safeties are all backups we haven’t heard until  2 weeks ago. The fact this backend hasn’t given up many long plays or managed to commit many penalties is remarkable. I know this week was the most impressive week for the defense, but Ulbrich has been hitting all the right notes all season. If this continues, he will be interviewing for HC jobs in January.

From @TyGreen14: Most surprising positive from the win? The easy answer here would be Quincy Williams. He was absolutely terrific. I will be going in a different direction. Jamison Crowder to me was the most surprising. The reason I believe this is because the offense looked so different with him being able to be a safety valve for Zach. I know there was so much noise about a trade with Crowder but man he is so valuable to a young QB and needs to stay past the deadline. Crowder catches everything that comes his way and is always a reliable option on 3rd down. Feed him!

From @Ca_Zecher11: Is it realistic to think we can resign all of these DL? I just can’t help but think that Douglas will let one of them walk. I certainly hope he can do it. It’s the heart of our team! Obviously in the NFL, it’s very hard to keep everyone especially if you aren’t a defending super bowl champion. I personally do not think everyone will be here 3 years from now. I will go onto say Q and JFM should be locks to get extended. Rumblings are already happening that JFM’s extensions is being discussed. I would love to keep Rankins but he may play his way into a bigger contract. Nate Shep is probably expendable. Foley is the wildcard. I think they will figure out a way to retain him.

From @ZW2Goated: What was your favorite play from Sunday? The 54 yard touchdown from Zach to Corey Davis is the layup answer here. I was speechless and when I saw him point up I was like OMG. We haven’t seen our QB have that much guts in my 29 years of being a fan. Zach had 4 amazing throws that made my jaw drop but that had to be the best one. My reaction in my tweet right after sums it up.

From @scott_kellogg: Will the Maye absence hurt us more or less than we expect? This question was sent to Joe C on Saturday but we already have a 1 game sample size. It seems that Ulbrich and Saleh are figuring out ways to scheme around the deficiencies on the backend. I think that this is going to hurt us less than we expect but it will be interesting to see how the secondary holds up against Ridley and Pitts. Marcus Maye is a good player but not someone who creates a massive hole if out like CJ Mosley would.

From @section_222a: How different is the perception of the team & staff if they win the next 3 games? Another question that was sent to Joe on Saturday. We are already 33% here after the Titans win but a long way to go. If this team is 3-3 coming off a win in Foxboro, the fanbase will be in a frenzy thinking about Super Bowls in 2022. Let’s remember that this season will be up and down and that expectations need to be tempered. I have been on the record preaching patience on my show with Stephen Russo. I think that my thoughts on the team and staff will probably be the same after the NE game: encouraged.