Roundtable: Who deserves last week’s game ball?

Your favorite TOJ writers give out their “game ball” for last Sunday’s Titans Win.

Last week’s Titans game featured many strong player performances on offense and defense for the Jets. In this roundtable article, your favorite TOJ writers debate which Jet deserves their game ball.

James Kuntz: Tyler Kroft deserves last week’s game ball for chipping a defensive end on Wilson’s deep touchdown…JUST KIDDING, guys. I think Bryce Huff gets my game ball this week. He was absolutely unblockable off the EDGE, using his quickness to take flat angles to disrupt Ryan Tannehill. Consequently, one of my biggest realizations is that Huff could develop into a double-digit sack EDGE rusher and it could happen this season

Michael Meegan: My game ball goes to a man who should be getting a new contract and that is John Franklin Myers. JFM has been the Jets’ best player this season and Sunday might have been his best game with a Sack 2 TFLS and just wrecked havoc all game. JFM price goes up every week if he keeps playing like this and it’s genuinely scary what Carl Lawson can do with JFM next season.

Stephen Zantz: My game ball goes to the man who this season is all about, Zach Wilson. After a shaky 1st quarter, Zach began to build some confidence leading the Jets to their first TD drive since week 1. The 2nd half was Zach’s coming out party and his confidence was through the roof. Some of the throws were just pure football porn. Zach looked every bit the part of the guy we were hoping to get when the Jets selected him 2nd overall in April. Honestly the entire defense deserves a game ball as well but I wanted to credit Zach after a rough 2 weeks.

Will Parkinson: This game ball could have gone to a lot of people like Zach Wilson, Corey Davis, anyone on the Defensive Line or even Quincy Williams, but to me this is a no brainer. CJ Mosley was tremendous on Sunday, finishing with 13 tackles, 1 TFL and 1 sack, but that was just half of the story. He was “like a cheat code,” according to Robert Saleh, and it showed. Mentally, Mosley has full control of this defense and did something guys aren’t allowed to do in this system and that’s change a play at the line. Mosley checked the Jets from man to zone on a bunch concept that had killed the Jets all day. It made Tannehill hitch and ended in a Quinnen Williams sack on 3rd down. He is humming right now both on the field delivering massive hits as well as being the vocal and emotional leader. He is playing like an all-pro and Sunday was a prime example of it. If you have the chance this season he is worth the price of admission to watch in person.

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