Jets By the Numbers: Patriots Week

Jets By the Numbers: Week 7

The second iteration of Will Parkinson’s “Jets By the Numbers” column is out.

12: The Jets have lost 13 straight regular season trips up to Foxborough. New England has become a house of horrors for the Jets for both their quarterbacks but also getting a win against Belichick in New England. The last Jets regular season win in New England was with Brett Favre and the 2008 team winning on Thursday Night Football against the Matt Cassel-led Patriots. Eventually the Jets are going to have to start beating New England, especially seeing how average this Patriots team has been. Mac Jones has been okay at best and doesn’t deserve the undeserving praise he gets from national outlets. There is no better time than Sunday for Zach to conquer the demons from week 2 and ghosts past and prove to everyone he’s arrived.

32: Going into this week 7 matchup, Zach Wilson ranks 32nd in the league in QBR through his first 5 career starts. While it’s nothing to overreact to as most every rookie is right there with Wilson at the bottom of the league, Zach putting together a really solid and sturdy game this week and elevating himself from the basement of the NFL in QBR would go a long way. While the 9 interceptions are a league high so, i am not as concerned with the turnovers if they come with big plays and touchdowns. That’s why the Tennessee game was so great to see. As long as Sunday isn’t a repeat of the 17/34 with 150 yards and 4 interceptions, then Sunday will be a success. 

9: Over his first 6 career starts, Mac Jones who has been used as a mostly middle of the field dink and dunk game manager, which can be very effective aka Jimmy Garoppolo, Alex Smith or early 2000s Tom Brady. That said, he has had an under the radar 9 turnovers over his past 6 games including 5 interceptions and 3 fumbles. Because Mac is not mobile and struggles when he is forced off his spot it is imperative the Jets are able to get pressure with 4 and 5 guys and get him to make bad decisions and steal possessions for this offense. For the Jets to win on Sunday and begin to change the narrative in this “rivalry” the Jets must win the turnover battle and create advantages to win a big road game on Sunday.

34: The Jets must, and I mean must, become more creative with their 34th overall draft pick Elijah Moore. Moore was electric, exciting and impressive all offseason and has shown some small flashes thus far, but the Jets must continue to get him going. He is so close to breaking out; it feels like, between the big play against New England week 2, the 50-yard pass interference he drew vs Atlanta as well as the drop vs Carolina Week 1, Moore is someone who can change games and help break this Jets offense out with his ability to run after the catch and take the top off the defense. Moore struggled with a quad injury in camp and a concussion week 3 but they must facilitate targets and carries for him and get this offense off to a fast start.

7: The Jets have been averaging 7 plays per first quarter through the first 5 games. This is something that will both allow the Jets to score points early but also open up the playbook and build confidence throughout the game for this young offense. There has been a ton of frustration with the Jets personal usage and using to much 12 personal with Ryan Griffin and Tyler Kroft as well as them not getting started until the 3rd quarter when its already to late. The Jets must do a better job of starting fast and giving the defense a break early in games to allow them to play from in front or at least within striking distance. If the Jets can be going into halftime tied or ahead, there is every chance for them to steal a division road game and help send them with momentum in a stretch of 3 out of 4 home games.