5 Ways To Maximize Your Chances At NFL Betting

Betting strategy is everything. 

Whenever you are placing a bet, you always want to do anything you can to maximize your chances at winning. There is no magic answer to make you more likely to win, however adding in some strategy will give you more tools that will help your chances improve than betting blindly or with your heart. 

There is no one way that is best to bet on football, and nothing in particular will give you a sure win when you bet on the NFL playoffs, however, a profitable NFL betting strategy can edge you that little bit closer to being a pro. 

Ways to maximize your chance. 

While we could go on all day about the different types of bets you can make when you are wagering on an NFL game, it is not all about the type of bet that you place, strategy and considering the factors around the game, and history of the teams and players will have a bigger impact on the success of your bet than you may think. 

On that note, here are 5 ways that you can maximize your chances of winning when you place an NFL bet. 

#1- Be logical, do not bet with your heart. 

When we bet on sports it can be so hard not to place bets on our favorite teams or favorite players just because we have our hearts set on them. But it is important in sports betting to be logical and avoid letting your heart decide where your money will go. We have to avoid letting our personal biases influence our betting decisions. 

Becoming objective towards betting on the NFL online is the easier way to make smart bets, you do not need a detailed strategy, just common sense. Sure, cheer on your favorite team, but do not bet on them if it is not logical to do so. To be a smarter bettor, find an edge with the bookmakers, and be aware of your biases. 

#2- Consider the game location. 


Another thing you should think about that you may forget about is to pay attention to where the game is being played. Consider how home-field advantage is a thing, and it may matter more at certain stadiums. Consider how the New England Patriots went 42-6 straight up at home from 2014-2018, and how the Seahawks always perform really well in Seattle, at 103-41 at home since ‘03. 

There are many teams who have advantages like this, so it is worth it to look into it and research the team’s home advantage when you are handicapping for home team advantages. 

There are also teams who do not travel well, such as from 2014-2018 the 49ers were a terrible 9-31 on the road. The Texans also struggle to cover the spread on the road as well. So it is worth taking the home and away advantages and disadvantages into consideration before placing bets. 

#3- Think of context as well as trends.

When we bet on the NFL, following the trends is a fair way to go, as patterns can provide valuable information. However, never follow trends blindly, the sharpest bettors will always consider the context behind the numbers when they evaluate statistical trends. 

A team may have a great score one week, and that is awesome, however it does not always mean that their offensive game is on fire. Look at how they scored the points, did a defensive back fall down to allow a long touchdown pass? Did the defensive score a couple of those touchdowns? Who were they playing? Always consider the context behind the numbers when you consider a team’s trends before you bet. A great previous game can actually just be the result of chance and coincidence, rather than a solid play. 

#4- Be cautious of injury reports and division matchups. 

Football is a team game, and even the slightest alteration can change things. Ensure that you know who has missed practice, what the players’ status are on upcoming games, and who is in which role. 

Team injury reports can be vague, so be sneaky and check the Twitter accounts of beat-writers for each time, while they can’t tell you what is the best bet they can give you some insight. 

Similarly, think about divisions, teams that play each other twice per season will get to know each other well, and even a bad team will dig deeper when they battle a rival. And even though one team can appear superior on paper, divisional matchups are typically much closer than you might anticipate. So this can give you great choices for the spread, but risky ones for the money line. 

#5- Diversify your betting. 

You can do well betting on the money line, the spread, and totals, but for more success, diversify your betting and understand the alternative bets you can place. 

Many sportsbooks will let you bet on alternate spreads or buy and sell points. 

Look for the value in alternate betting markets, think about live betting and player props. Futures are also awesome for entertainment, but they are very hard to handicap.

While the same old, same old, might feel familiar and comfortable, maximizing your chances means making some changes and seeing what other options can offer you. Diversification is a key to maximizing your bets.  

Think about the types of bets you place.

Thinking about our last point, we want to finish up by saying that you can bet with your head, you  can understand your team’s background, be aware of any injury reports, but if you are not familiar with the bet type you are placing you can make bad decisions. 

For this reason, you need to understand how spread betting, money line betting, totals betting and props and futures work before you start placing bets. This doesn’t mean you should always stick with the same type of bet just because you know it, but it is wise to test out bets you are not used to with smaller amounts before you bet big on bet types you are not used to yet.