1st & 10: Jets Get Embarrassed in Foxborough

Stephen Russo recaps the Jets’ devastating loss against the Patriots


I understand that this is a process. I understand that this regime, right, wrong, or indifferent, is somewhat falling on the sword of the countless years of ineptitude that came before them. I also understand that we have a very young team and coaching staff, with rookies at three very important positions: Quarterback, Head Coach, and Offensive Coordinator.

My message is very simple: I don’t care.

No one said this was going to be easy. No Jets fan expected it to be. Our expectation was the bare minimum: just show up and compete. All we asked was to be the tiniest step above a 2-14 team led by the worst coach in recent history. For far too long, Jets fans have watched their team come out unprepared and flat. They’ve witnessed their team get outcoached and outplayed. This should not be a regular occurrence – no matter the talent level of your roster.

What occurred on Sunday was an utter embarrassment in every way. The Jets got steamrolled by a subpar New England Patriots team. Let’s make this clear: this team is not the Patriots of old. This was a team that got beat at home by Miami and New Orleans, and barely squeaked out a victory over Houston. And they boat raced the Jets to a tune of 54-13.

The bottom line is that this loss for the Jets was inexcusable. The Jets were steamrolled by a mediocre-at-best divisional opponent following a bye week.

Jets fans understand that this process takes time… what we need to understand is when will it end? The more we watch this team play the more the answer seems further and further away.

& 10…

1. CJ Mosley being out for this game was definitely a blow for this defense. But if he is that important to them where they can’t function without him, that is very problematic.

2. The Jets can’t defend or execute a screen pass to save their lives. The Patriots ran screen after screen and would routinely gain 10+ yards before getting touched by a Jets defender. How is this not being corrected?

3. The honeymoon period is over for this coaching staff, and rightfully so. Taking two weeks to come up with that performance requires the heat to be turned up a bit.

4. Morgan Moses was upset that the Patriots ran up the score at the end. I’d be more upset that the Jets were down 14-0 at the end of the 1st quarter yet again.

5. The vaunted Jets defensive line didn’t touch Mac Jones once. The lone sack came from Del’Shawn Phillips on a missed block. That is unacceptable.

6. One positive: it seemed as though Mike LaFleur made an honest attempt to get Elijah Moore touches, resulting in Moore’s first touchdown. I can also say that it still wasn’t enough.

7. On the flip side, LaFleur had two weeks to figure out and correct the offense’s slow starts… and he came up with short run, short run, and sack on the first 3 plays.

8. Results of Zach Wilson’s MRI came back as a PCL sprain and will likely sideline him for 2-4 weeks. This is not the end of the world as his season isn’t over, and maybe some time away will help Wilson in the long run and he can finish the season in a similar fashion to Darnold in his 2018 rookie year.

9. Joe Douglas has had some swings and misses, notably at RG. However, you could argue that his biggest may be the lack of a veteran QB to back up Zach Wilson. That has reared its ugly head now. Mike White was serviceable for one quarter. They need a veteran now more than ever.

10. No one would argue that this Jets roster was ready to go 13-4 this year. At the same time, the roster is not 41 points worse than the Patriots roster. Teams in the NFL compete, more often than not. Whatever is holding the Jets back – coaching, players, execution, all of the above – it’s time to figure it out. This has gone on for far too long and saying that Jets fans are impatient is an understatement. We simply want to be excited to watch Jets football on Sundays again.