Top 3 Reasons to Be Optimistic about the 2021 Jets

Will Parkinson offers 3 reasons to be optimistic for the 2021 New York Jets.

The season has not started the way we all hoped, but there is still reason to be excited about the team. Will Parkinson offers 3 reasons to be optimistic about the 2021 Jets.

Zach Wilson’s Development

Yes, I know this one is something we all understand but its important to continue to highlight. Zach Wilson has been given the keys to the Jets franchise with exceptional praise and hype around him, one bad game shouldn’t waiver your optimism or excited for the #2. Less than two weeks ago fans and the NFL world were going crazy over Wilson’s second half performance at Carolina and after one bad start (yes it was awful) against New England the air seems to have drained from the optimism balloon. The Jets have face potentially 3 of the 5 best defenses in NFL in the first 3 starts for Wilson and while it may be a rollercoaster early, it will even out as he begins to string together good starts. Look for him to hit his stride weeks 4 and 5 versus Tennessee and Atlanta. The optimism and excitement week in and week out should remain, Zach Wilson will be fine. 

Extension Eligible Jets Shinning 

Going into the 2021 season the Jets had a few key members of their defense that were up for extensions. Marcus Maye was the most well-known and big-name guy to be eligible and is currently playing on the franchise tag. He has built off his impressive 2020 and started off with an really good 2021 and is proving why he deserves and solid contract to be a Jet long term. John Franklin-Meyers has been a menace through two weeks and is a guy the Jets MUST extend. He is a versatile pass rusher and run defender who can play all over the defensive line. I would expect the Jets to work on an extension during the season because they can’t afford to let a talented edge rusher in this scheme walk. Lastly Foley Fatukasi has become the vocal leader in the locker room for the Jets. He not only has become a vocal leader but has let his play do the talking as well, as he has performed like a top 10 IDL according to PFF thus far. All three players have been standout players thus far and would look to see the Jets continue to work on extensions for all three as the season rolls along. 

Rookie Offensive Weapons 

Elijah Moore and Michael Carter are two of the most exciting Jets players and look to be hitting their stride going into week three. Moore struggled in the opener after missing most of camp with a quad injury and Carter struggled to get his footing in the opener in limited reps. Last week we saw Elijah Moore begin to breakout as he was a good throw from Zach Wilson away from a potential big stat line. It may not be this week vs a great Broncos secondary, but the Moore breakout game is coming, and he is going to be a legit stud NFL wideout by seasons end. Michael Carter looked really good last week and earned himself a bunch more reps, and he will continue to establish himself in the backfield and is certainly someone to be excited and optimistic about going forward. Not all is bad in Jets land even with the 0-2 and likely 0-3 start.