TOJ Pick Six w/ Stephen Zantz (Week 3 Jets/DEN)

Stephen Zantz previews Week 3 with his Pick Six column.

The PickSix column officially returns as TOJ Live Co-Host Stephen Zantz answers your Twitter questions. He, also, will consider questions that Joe Caporoso doesn’t get a chance to answer during his weekly Saturday AMAs. Don’t forget to tweet Stephen questions every week at @szantz on Twitter.

From @Louie_Rock: Is GVR the biggest swing and a miss by Joe D on the OL? How is this dude still the starting RG?  As much as I’ve been disappointed with GVR, I’d say no. I actually think Breshad Perriman was a worse move. JD thought Perriman was a better option than Robby Anderson (rumblings from inside the building). Breshad literally proved to be a starting WR because of garbage time stats when TB had a ton of injuries at WR. He’s on CHI right now after being cut by DET despite a guaranteed $2MM being owed to him from his deal back in March. GVR stinks but he is still a starter and isn’t being benched.

From @bobborinaldo: Explain why week 1 was so different compared to week 2. Week 1 Wilson was very good but had no run game or pass pro while week 2 both those things were good and he was awful. This is extremely hard to figure out but I’ll do my best Bobby. The NFL is a week to week league and matchups are everything. Carolina’s front did everything it could to limit the run and pressure Zach. Zach is better off platform and he allowed his receivers to get open when he got outside the pocket. This allowed ZW to make so great throws to open men he didn’t have against NE. This week Zach got unlikely from a tip drill and CD having a ball go through his hands on his first two attempts. After that ZW was pressing and trying to play hero ball. He was not taking what was there and was trying to get the crowd excited with a big play. Remember the quote from camp he had about learning what he can get away with. He basically was doing that. The backs were very solid but I will say later in the game NE was playing soft coverage because they had a lead so it definitely padded the stats for them.

From @ZachWilson2Jets: Are we one more McGovern dude from Feeney SZN at C? This question was asked before the patriot game but even if he was bad in it, the answer would be no. Feeney is just depth in case someone on the interior goes down. McGovern was actually really good yesterday and graded well from PFF. I think playing next to a guy as talented as AVT is going to help McGovern be a better player this year. Week 1 was bad but week 2 was great from the guys up front.

From @Bigdogz1318: If Rhule was hired as the coach would we be a playoff team this year? Joe C answered this one but just said no. I agree with him and wanted to elaborate why I think this is the case. This team is coming off a 2-14 season. There are clearly holes everywhere and you have a rookie QB. The roster he has in Carolina is significantly better than what is with the Jets. Most coaches would have trouble making the playoffs with this roster. If Rhule was hired in 2019 and had 2 full seasons under his belt, I think this is a different conversation. We also still may have Mike Macc if Rhule was hired. Yuck.

From @joehorning1: Baltimore comes and offers you a 4th for Mims, do you take it at this point? Or hang on and hope for improvement? This is a good one especially since Mims was inactive on Sunday. I wouldn’t do anything until the deadline. It seems like Mims is in the doghouse and it’s concerning that he can’t get reps over Jeff Smith. I probably wouldn’t do this as of now but the Jets could very well be trading Mims for a late round pick in the offseason if he doesn’t show anything soon. I’m officially worried about Mims and this 2020 class is looking very shaky right now.

From @revo_man: If you were JD for today, what realistic trade would you make to help Zach this year? The easiest thing to say is trade for a TE. Kroft has been a non factor thus far and Griffin is not very good. There are two teams I’m calling. The first is Tampa about OJ Howard or Brate. The second is Atlanta about Hayden Hurst. All 3 of these guys are buried behind other receiving options in their respective offenses. I think Hurst is the most realistic given ATL just spent a top 5 pick on Kyle Pitts. TEs are supposed to be a QB’s best friend and ZW doesn’t have that right now in their current group.