TOJ Pick Six w/ Stephen Zantz (Week 2 Jets/Pats)

Stephen Zantz tackles fan-submitted questions in this week’s Pick Six!

The PickSix column officially returns as TOJ Live Co-Host Stephen Zantz answers your Twitter questions. He, also, will consider questions that Joe Caporoso doesn’t get a chance to answer during his weekly Saturday AMAs. Don’t forget to tweet Stephen questions every week at @szantz on Twitter.

From @Marti2ew: Does focusing on a quick passing attack to mitigate OL concerns move away from ZWs strengths as a passer? Which would be more detrimental to his development facing continued pressure or moving to a short pass/game manager approach in the near term? This is a fascinating topic. Quick passing definitely will help hide the pass blocking issues we saw against Carolina. At the same time, Zach’s ability to go through his reads and hit the open man is something we want to see. Personally, I believe letting Zach constantly get hit is definitely is more detrimental to his growth as a player. His confidence could get rattled (it didn’t this week which was great), but he also is at risk of getting hurt and he has an injury history.

From @OrganicGrandpa: Which runningback ends up with the most carries this year? My initial guess heading into the season would have been Ty Johnson. It seems that Tevin Coleman is someone they trust a lot more than I thought. With that said, I think Michael Carter is the guy who as the season rolls on becomes the guy. I liked what I saw from him against Carolina and think he will continue to improve. Ty and MC could really form a nice 1-2 punch if the OL can open some holes going forward.

From @ZW2Goated: Zach Wilson avg pass attempts per week prediction? Zach finished with 38 attempts in week 1. I predicted 27. The Jets should not be asking Wilson to throw nearly 40 times a game. This was a function of playing from behind and having zero semblance of a running game. I think the weekly average should be around 26 or 27. Game script will certainly be a factor going forward but the Jets need to establish the run against the Patriots this week to get the attempt number closer to 26 or 27.

From @Sports_Fi3nd: What’s the best Jets season opener you have been to? The irony of my answer is that the Jets are playing their week 2 home opener against New England this week with a rookie coach and QB. The best opener I’ve been to (technically home opener) was Week 2 2009 vs New England. This was both Rex and Sanchez’s first home games and man was it electric. Rex left voicemails on every season ticket holder’s answering machine to be loud for this game. This was the LOUDEST I’ve ever seen a Jets home crowd in my life (nearly 30 years). The Jets defense was outstanding and Revis had an unreal INT while covering Randy Moss. I’m hoping this weekend will have the same type of energy. The winning result may be a stretch though.

From @bigdogz1318: Will gase work in nfl again if darnold succeeds or will he be Alabama oc when O’Brien? Unfortunately I think Adam Gase does get another job in the NFL (Not as a HC of course). The NFL is a fraternity and Gase obviously has his people around the league who would offer him a job as an offensive assistant. He has shown time and time again that without Peyton Manning, he is beyond inept. I wouldn’t want Adam Gase coaching a pee wee football team. #GaseFreedomWatch lives on as Sam Darnold is now going to be the poster boy in 2021.

From @louie_rock: Which position group concerns you more – CB or TE? I’ve been encouraged from what I’ve seen from Tyler Kroft dating back to the preseason and what we saw on Sunday. He’s a strong blocker and has shown ability to make plays as a receiver. With that said, Ryan Griffin and Dan Brown both are atrocious. The corners were the biggest area of concern for me heading into week 1 (OL has surpassed them). I was very impressed by the corners against a solid group of receivers. I think they weren’t truly tested given Darnold continued to dump the ball off to CMac. Michael Carter II has a tremendous pass break up that made jump off my couch and clap. There will be growing pains with the corners but the TE depth concerns me if something happens to Kroft.