1st & 10: They Make it Difficult, Don’t They?

Stephen Russo offers 10 thoughts after the Jets’ Week 3 loss to the Broncos.

This team has been given the absolute lowest bar to clear and through 3 games, they’ve failed to get even an inch over it. You are following up the worst coach in NFL history, that not only lost games in historically bad fashion, but was also unanimously hated by every Jets fan in the world. The Jets have a GM we can get behind, a Head Coach that brings intelligence, fire and excitement to a starving fan base, and a rookie QB who looks the part and can sling the pigskin, and yet they are failing yet again. We knew this team wasn’t going to be the ‘85 Bears or the ‘99 Rams, we even knew that it was going to be a struggle, and we were ok with that. But this is below any expectation that anyone could have had coming into this season. It’s putrid. It’s inept. It’s not fun.

We’ve simply asked you to be competitive, even if it’s in losses. Yet another bar you’ve failed to clear.

We’re losing faith. Quickly.

& 10…

1. In week 1, Corey Davis looked like the # 1 receiver Joe Douglas paid him to be. After weeks 2 and 3, he looks more like Justin McCareins.

2. I wonder if CJ Mosley would give back that extra $5 million to go back to Baltimore?

3. Zach Wilson wasn’t the problem vs Denver. I know this isn’t the most talent rich offense in the NFL, but they need to give him some help.

4. Greg Van Roten shouldn’t talk in post game press conference. Ever.

5. Jets fans have had a long history of hating every offensive coordinator to walk the sideline or make calls from the booth. I truly believed Mike LaFleur would turn the tide. We are three games in and I’m not so sure.

6. Quinnen Williams looks to have returned to form and was a lone bright spot in this game.

7. The 3rd and 4th down offensive sequence at the start of the 4th quarter with the Jets trailing 20-0 was horrendous. LaFleur ran with Carter on 3rd and 4 to throw a slant on a pick play to Ty Johnson (!!) on 4th and 2? Why Ty Johnson?

8. The Jets have played 2 semi-competitive quarters out of 12 thus far. Sad.

9. I think it may have been underestimated how big of an impact the loss of Greg Knapp was on this offensive staff.

10. The Denzel Mims talk is truly exhausting, but when the Jets offense appears as inept as it does, it is frustrating to try to understand why they wouldn’t want as much talent on the field to support their young quarterback. If LaFleur was the offensive mind we thought he was, he could find a way to get him on the field. The Jamison Crowder mystery only compounds this issue.

One extra yard…

This article is offensive heavy, as it should be. For years, we have clamored to have a team that excites us – simply by scoring points. Through 3 games, the Jets have scored 20… that is worse than an Adam Gase offense, who’s 2020 team scored 37 points in their first 3 games. Mike LaFleur has failed to do his young quarterback any favors through 3 weeks. There have been no quick passes, no easy throws, few designed rollouts, no RPO’s, no hurry up offense, no RB screens to beat a blitz, there has been nothing to get the young kid in a groove. Basically, LaFleur has dropped his young QB back time and time again to run for his life and it’s on him to make something happen.  If this team is going to make any improvement this year, Mike LaFleur has got to be better.