Zantz’s Pick Six Heading into Jets-Packers

If you are familar with TOJ, you know that Dalbin Osorio (legend of the game) has had a weekly mailbag column answering questions from Twitter. He has officially passed the reins to myself and I will be answering Twitter questions all season. If you have ever have a question, tweet at me @szantz. Now onto the fun stuff heading into Packers week.

From @Marti2ew: Any word on Elijah Moore as a blocker? Analyst have spoken about how critical blocking is from the WR position is in this system.  Nothing of note has been reported on Moore’s ability to block. I will say that if Moore wants to see the field as a rookie, he needs to be able to compliment his big play ability with good blocking. The Jets have arguably the best blocking receiver in the NFL in Corey Davis so Elijah has the perfect mentor to improve this area of his game.

From @TyGreen14: What’s your take on the RB rotation? If you listen to TOJ Live, you’ve heard me say this running game will resemble what we saw in San Francisco in 2019. There will be multiple guys getting work depending on the opponent. Obviously we did not see Coleman against the Giants so we didn’t see how he looks just yet. I was very impressed with Ty Johnson because the man has some juice. I think Carter had a decent debut but the offense wasn’t going to be overly creative in the first preseason game. At end of the day, I think Coleman and Carter will be a 1-2 punch with Johnson mixing in on passing downs.

From @Ry_From_LI: What is the Jets beat’s (namely CH and RC) beef with Mims? Guy gets food poisoning and drops 20 lbs in a few weeks and they focus on him “not being a fit for this offense” because of route running ability. It’s infuriating. There is no beef with Mims. The beat was calling how they were seeing it which they are paid to do. You also need to remember that in addition to reporting on the team, they also need to generate traffic to their respective publications. It’s part of the journalism business. Mims not running with 1s and 2s is clearly something that was interesting to the fans which is why it became a thing. I would not take it too seriously as Mims is making this roster. He was impressive in the 2nd half against the Giants and he admitted he’s willing to play special teams.

From @Krao1130: Given the inexperience of the CBs, are the Jets using the preseason to evalute them all, keep the best ones, and then pick up an experienced one from the cut list after the 3rd preseason game? The Jets seem extremely content on rolling into the regular season with their current group of corners. Robert Saleh’s defensive system is predicated on front seven pressure and a stout pass rush. I will say that if a notable veteran (one who maybe a little older) is cut loose before week 1, Joe Douglas would not hesitate to make the call and get a deal done. Given there are 2 more preseason games, it’s way too early to determine who that could be.

From @DTSNJETSDAN: Would you buy or sell on Crowder being traded by the deadline? This is a fascinating debate. There is a lot to unpack here. Elijah Moore’s early season production is a major factor here. If Moore is absolutely lighting it up, it makes Crowder extremely expendable. You also need to monitor WRs for contenders around the league. If someone gets lost for the season, Joe Douglas could absolutely deal Crowder for a 4th or 5th rounder (as Michael Meegan stated on the TOJ Pod this week). My gut feeling right now is that I would buy stock here because the Jets have WR depth (I know shocking right). This would allow both Moore and Mims to get plenty of reps with Zach Wilson.

Also from @DTSNJETSDAN: Through this point in the offseason, it seems TE is widely our weakest link on Offense. Do you think the Jets try and make a move to improve the room prior to the start of the season, or essentially go in as is knowing to prioritize it hard next offseason? What I think they should do and what they actually will do unfortunately don’t align. Personally, I would make a call to Philly and ask about Ertz. He’s a proven pass catcher who has a familiarity with Joe Douglas. The hope would be the Eagles would eat some of the salary. I don’t think they make a move at TE solely because of the depth at WR. Tyler Kroft is a perfect fit for this zone run scheme because of his strong blocking ability. Herndon will have a chance to carve out a role. Griffin and Brown will probably be cut and they pick up a veteran with catching ability of the scrap heap. JD most likely will address this in FA next year and name to keep an eye on is David Njoku. Cleveland has Austin Bryant and Austin Hooper so Njoku makes a ton of sense to leave as a free agent.