Zach Wilson Signs His Rookie Contract

Michael Meegan reacts to Zach Wilson signing with the Jets.

Our long 2 day nightmare is over!!!!

Zach Wilson finally signed his rookie contract today around 1pm, where the Jets got their offset language and Zach got his 22.9 million signing bonus paid within 15 days.  This is exactly the structure Sam Darnold had and I do not know why it took 3 months to find this “compromise” given that there was an obvious precedent set with Sam, but the Johnson’s never know how to get out of their own way so I’m not really surprised.

Anyway the Jets really needed Zach in camp as James Morgan and Mike White are not good and it was hurting the whole team not being there.  The offense cannot build continuity without Zach and it does not help the defense when they’re not being tested by QB’s who are NFL level players.  Now with fans in attendance on Saturday, we get to see launch Zach  missiles all over the field for the rest of camp and be ready for preseason which is only 16 days away. The good vibes are finally back and hope they are here to stay.