TOJ Instant Reaction: The New York Jets & Jamison Crowder on a Contract Restructure

Stephen Zantz offers his thoughts on Jamison Crowder’s contract restructuring.

It’s a been a quiet time in Florham Park as the Jets are about to open mini camp. The biggest storyline has been Jamison Crowder refusing to show up to the facility after the team asked him to take a paycut. Joe Douglas and Crowder appeared to find a middle ground as Ian Rapport reported the two sides agreed on a restructured deal before Crowder hits free agency after the season. Here’s my initial reaction to this news.

It’s really refreshing to see the New York Jets operate like a competent franchise doing smart things. Jamison Crowder had zero leverage in this situation and the Jets held firm on their position here. The Jets knew Crowder would not get the money he wanted if they cut him outright and no team would absord his salary even if they had a need for receiver. Joe Douglas stuck to his gut and figured it out and kept the depth the Jets need at one of the most important positions to help Zach Wilson in Year 1.

Last season, the Jets were ravaged by WR injuries the minute training camp started when they were already thin to begin with. Crowder remaining on the team provides a proven veteran to help Zach Wilson on screens and be reliable on third down. I also think Crowder is integral in the early development of Elijah Moore who has looked awesome according to all reports thus far in OTAs/Rookie Camp. If Moore shows out, the Jets can parlay Crowder into a 4th or 5th round pick from a contender when he won’t be back next year anyway. Overall, great job by Joe Douglas to keep him and remove this distraction.

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