Initial Reaction – New York Jets Place Franchise Tag On S Marcus Maye

Greg Armstrong With His Initial Thoughts On The Jets Placing The Franchise Tag On Marcus Maye…

Initial thoughts on the Jets placing the franchise tag on safety Marcus Maye…

In a move that a lot of us saw coming, Joe Douglas opted to place the franchise tag on safety Marcus Maye.

This move made too much sense, especially so after the franchise tag amount for safeties was announced at around $10.5 million.

Marcus Maye is a good to really good safety. However it doesn’t make much sense to invest long term at a position like safety in a player who turns 28 on March 9th and wasn’t drafted by this current regime. Maye did a good job in the absence of Jamal Adams last season and was moved all over the field, even in the box to play that strong safety void that Adams left when he was traded.

Would I like to have Maye be around long term in a Saleh defense? Sure. He’ stayed healthy these last two seasons and he seems like a really good guy off the field. However, as we just went through with the Jamal Adams saga, safety just isn’t that much of premium position. Unless you’re an Ed Reed or an Earl Thomas or a guy who impacts a game as much as those two did, it’s really not all that worth it to invest long term money at that position.

Joe Douglas starts off his first real offseason in a way that the last couple of regimes didn’t: not handing out a long term deal to a 28 year old, fourth year player, at a non premium position. Would a long term deal break the bank for a team with as much cap space as the Jets? No. But the approach to this offseason, however minuscule, is an encouraging start.