The Case for Trading for Deshaun Watson

Making the case for the New York Jets to make a franchise-altering trade for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

The New York Jets finally got a new head coach in Robert Saleh. While the hire of Saleh appears to be a great one that could eventually change the trajectory of the Jets for many years to come, the Jets still need to get a new quarterback, sooner rather than later. The best solution for the Jets to fix the current quarterback mess that they have is to trade for beleaguered Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

The Jets already missed out on getting a reliable veteran quarterback in Matthew Stafford. The Lions traded away Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams for Jared Goff. A report in today’s Star Ledger indicates that the Jets “inquired” about Stafford with the Lions before he was traded. The Jets should have made a stronger effort to get Stafford.

The Jets have draft capital that they could have offered to the Lions, namely the second pick in the NFL Draft, as they could easily draft a replacement quarterback with that pick. They better use their draft bounty and go all in and trade for Deshaun Watson for several reasons. First and foremost, Watson is a young quarterback, 25 years old, and could be the face of the Jets franchise for over the next decade. If Watson were to become the Jets quarterback, the Jets would be better able to attract top receivers to sign in free agency with the Jets. Let’s face it, the current roster of receivers, tight ends and even running backs is mediocre at best for the Jets.

The second reason for the Jets to get Watson is that Watson wanted the Houston Texans to interview and potentially hire Robert Saleh as their head coach. He was upset that the Texans did not even interview Saleh and seems to want to play under Saleh. It has been rumored that the preferred landing destination for Watson would be on the Jets. You hardly see topnotch players like Watson, who will have numerous teams interested in him want to play for the Jets.

Another reason the Jets need to get Watson is that their division rivals, the Miami Dolphins, seem to be interested in Watson. If the Jets blow this chance, they may have to wind up facing Watson twice a year if he plays for the Dolphins. The Jets need to make sure they get a quarterback that can finally lead this franchise.

Some other reasoning for this trade is that the Jets have two first round draft picks that they can offer in a package for Watson and can also offer Sam Darnold as part of a trade package. Let’s face it – Darnold, regardless of who the coach of the Jets is, is not going to get better anytime soon. The Jets wasted three years on the Darnold experiment and need to start over with a good quarterback like Watson.

While the Jets have done a great job in getting Robert Saleh as head coach and Mike LaFleur as offensive coordinator, it is long overdue for the Jets to go “all in” and be aggressive in getting Deshaun Watson to come to the Jets. This is an important moment in the tenure of General Manager Joe Douglas and Douglass better deliver.