Initial Reaction – Time for a New Quarterback and Head Coach for the Jets…

Matthew Marciano with an initial reaction to the New York Jets final 2020 loss and decision to fire Adam Gase

Well, New York Jets fans there was some good news after the Jets lost to the Patriots in Foxborough yesterday, 28-14, to end the season with a 2-14 record. The first bit of good news, two years in the making, was that after going 9-23 in two seasons with the team, head coach Adam Gase is gone. The second bit of good news was that the Jets will hopefully be looking at drafting a quarterback with the second pick in the NFL Draft, after Sam Darnold not showing any signs of being a franchise quarterback for the Jets after three seasons and working under two head coaches during that time.

Let’s look at the best news that Jets fans have gotten in a while – that Adam Gase is gone.

I still do not get why Adam Gase was hired to begin with. He had a losing record as head coach of the division rival Dolphins, he has never been seen as a coach that develops his players (see Ryan Tannehill) and never seemed to have the respect of his locker room in Miami. How Gase was seen as an “offensive guru” by Jets ownership and selected over more qualified candidates such as Mike McCarthy and Matt Rhule is still way beyond me.

Jets ownership does not get a pass by me here. Bottom line is that after starting 0-4 on the season and losing to the Broncos team at home that was just as bad as the Jets, ownership should have shown Gase the door. Gregg Williams, then Defensive Coordinator of the Jets, should have been given the interim tag. It was a season that already seemed over before it started, so it still flies in the face of reason why you do not get rid of Gase at that point and start looking at your options for next season.

Another interesting point is that the team, even when losing all of their games this year did not play hard for Gase and were very much undisciplined on the field. Look at how hard the Texans and Falcons played for their interim coaches (especially the Texans against the Titans yesterday) compared to the Jets. Adam Gase was not a dynamic, fiery are just plain decent coach that this team needed.

As for who the Jets should interview and pick as their next head coach, I may have a thought here that many Jets fans may not like – do not drag out the head coaching search. Interview some of the hot coaching names out there, before another team makes an offer to them and do not be stingy and cheap (which seems to be the style of the Johnsons when it comes to hiring big name coaches and getting free agents to play for the Jets).

If I were conducting the head coaching search, I would interview Urban Meyer and even though he looks bound for Jacksonville, I would throw a lot of money at him to coach the Jets. The Jets need a big name coach, and one who has head coaching experience, even at the college level. I would make sure Urban Meyer is one of my first interviews. I would also see if Bill Cowher would be interested in coaching again as well as he would bring the needed experience to this position for the Jets. I also would have no problem interviewing Matt Campbell and even though there are rumors that he is going to sign a new contract with Michigan, I would interview Jim Harbaugh as he has had great success as a NFL head coach and would be the disciplinarian on the sidelines that the Jets need badly. Another name to watch that has ties to the Ravens, the former team of GM Joe Douglass, would be Ravens DC Don “Wink” Martindale who would make another interesting choice for the Jets.

As for the coordinators available, I would throw all of my money at Chiefs OC Eric Beiniemy. I do not get the fascination with Bills OC Brian Daboll as I still think he needs a couple of more years of experience before getting and being successful as a NFL head coach. Another name to watch that has ties to the Ravens, the former team of GM Joe Douglass, would be Ravens DC Don “Wink” Martindale who would make another interesting choice for the Jets.

Another name that has surfaced that the Jets fans may not like to hear, which is former Jets OC during the Rex Ryan years and currently Seattle OC Brian Schottenheimer. I have no problems with the Jets interviewing him based on his history with the team, but do not think he is the head coach that the Jets need at this moment in the franchise’s history. However, this hire is on Joe Douglass and if it does not pan out and if he does not select a quarterback with the second pick in the draft this year, he may need to go.

As for quarterbacks, the Jets should not trade their second overall pick in the draft as they need a new quarterback as Sam Darnold is not the answer for the Jets. I am sick of hearing that it was the coaching staff that did Darnold in – he was not good under Todd Bowles and he was just as bad under Adam Gase. Darnold is lucky if he throws for even 200 yards in a game, has no enthusiasm (he seems like a deer in the headlights on the field, a lot like the Giants Daniel Jones) and his leadership and being the face of the franchise is also suspect. He needs to be traded and sent packing. Even with a new head coach, I do not see Darnold doing much better. You have a great draft pick, use it to select Fields or Morris in the draft.

The next couple of weeks are very important for Jets ownership and management to pick a big name coach, with experience and credibility to lead this team and turn it around. Jets fans have suffered through Todd Bowles and Adam Gase as their head coaches and Sam Darnold as their quarterback. It is about time management makes a serious effort to turn around the fate of this franchise.