Week 14 Reaction – The Trevor Tank Rolls On

The New York Jets continue to prove in each of their games this season that they need a competent head coach next season, that they do not have the quarterback of the future in Sam Darnold and that they do not even try to play competitive in football games this entire season, with the exception being blown leads against the New England Patriots earlier this season and who could forget the embarrassing loss to the Las Vegas Raiders over a week ago.

However, in losing to the Seahawks 40-3, the Jets are at least getting one thing right – they are coming closer and closer, with each remaining week in the season to getting the first overall pick in the NFL Draft next year and landing who may be a franchise altering quarterback in Trevor Lawrence from Clemson.

The Jets offense, regardless of who is playing on it, makes no effort at all. Sam Darnold had another mediocre game, passing for just around 140 yards. That is not what a franchise quarterback does week in and week out. As I have mentioned before, Darnold never has 300 yard games and Jets fans would be lucky if he even got 200 or 250 yards passing in a game. He makes no effort to improve, show leadership on the field and regardless of what team he is on next year, he does not have the making, leadership skills or personality to be the franchise quarterback on a team.

The defense, without Gregg Williams coaching them played just as bad and needs a total revamping next year. Of course, the Jets were reminded in this game of a stupid decision that they made two years ago by letting kicker Jason Meyers walk in free agency and join the Seahawks. The Jets had a Pro Bowl kicker and did not want to pay him as such. The kicker on the Jets now? Sergio Castillo who missed three field goals in this game. The Jets need to get a reliable kicker in the offseason as well as this has become even more embarrassing on special teams for the Jets.

With three games left, the Jets have to play at the Rams, which I see as having the potential to be a Rams blowout against the inept Jets, a home finale against the Browns, who will score a lot of points on the depleted Jets secondary and finally ending the season at New England to play the Patriots. The Patriots game could be winnable for the Jets, but I doubt they will win it. It is interesting that in the last year of Rex Ryan’s tenure as head coach, the Jets played tough and even knocked the Dolphins out of the playoffs in Ryan’s last game as Jets coach. The difference this year is Gase does not have the respect of the locker room, coaching staff and fans. Here’s hoping his parting gift to the Jets will be a big name coach like Bill Cowher, who can actually coach and a franchise quarterback in Trevor Lawrence.