Top 7 New York Jets Quarterbacks In Franchise History

Although fans are still waiting for the next Super Bowl for the Jets, history cannot deny that there had been several memorable games by the Jets and its quarterbacks. Many of these players gave the team the time of their lives and proved that the Jets is still a team to watch out for.

The quarterback, in American football, is considered the most important player in the team, in the same way, that the wicketkeeper is considered as the most vital member when it comes to cricket. This is why in cricket betting, people look into the wicketkeeper first as part of the factors they would consider before placing a wager.

Here are the top seven New York Jets quarterback in history.

#7 Boomer Esiason

Boomer Esiason was undeniably a good quarterback, but his time on the Jets was not the best of his career. Many fans and experts attribute this rough time to his teammates, and many people believe that had he been with the Jets that had a better team synergy, he would have achieved more as a quarterback.

#6 Richard Todd

Richard Todd came to the jets with a big shoe to fill, as he was the one that took over after Broadway Joe left. Despite the pressure and the huge expectations, Todd proved that he did not disappoint.

#5 Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez’s time with the Jets was full of controversy and criticism, and yet he showed that he had done a lot for the team compared to previous quarterbacks in only a span of three seasons. One of the best things during his time for the team was when he brought them to back-to-back AFC Championship games.

#4 Ken O’Brien

In the 1983 NFL draft and took Ken O’Brien, several fans thought the Jets choosing O’Brien over Dan Marino was a big missed opportunity. Although many believe that Marino would have been the better choice, O’Brien stilled played impressive games and gave a stellar performance throughout his time as a quarterback.

#3 Chad Pennington

James Chadwick “Chad” Pennington was very popular in his time as he helped bring the Jets to a lot of its victories. He had a track record of 32 wins, making him fifth place in the greatest number of wins for any Jets quarterback. He also brought the team to the playoffs for three seasons. However, his career was cut short by injuries before he could even reach his peak.

#2 Vinny Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde had been a huge fan favorite, but he only had his memorable time with the Jets near the end of his career. Coming from Dallas, Testaverde returned to play for the Jets as a quarterback when they had their then-current player injured and unable to play.

#1 Joe Namath

The moment you read that this is about the best quarterbacks of the New York Jets, you probably know who would be on the top of the list. Any American football fan, regardless of whether they are a Jets fan or not, know-how legendary Joe “Broadway Joe” Namath is.

Broadway Joe, in his time with the Jets, brought the team to their first and only Super Bowl championship. Back then, the pressure on the team is so strong as they are about to face the Baltimore Colts, which was perceived as a more formidable and more powerful team compared to the Jets. However, Namath claimed the win and he and the Jets did not disappoint as they wiped the floor with the Colts and brought home the bacon.