The Most Epic Jets Victories in History

Since the 1960s, the New York Jets have gone through a colorful history of victories and losses. Among their many victories, few can be called “thrilling,’ and come with an exciting story behind them.

If you are into sports betting, one thing you naturally consider in making your wagers, aside from the NFL lines, is the playing history of the team. More often than not, the team’s history can provide helpful insight. With that in mind, there are the most epic and thrilling victories of the New York Jets in history.

Jets VS Miami Dolphins (1981)

The rivalry between jets and Dolphins was one of the most exciting ones back then and the 1981 game between these two teams was considered by many as the most thrilling and most exciting match between the two teams, with the Jets only winning by a point.

Jets VS Baltimore Colts (1982)

This was during the time of a two-month lockout of the NFL. After having no game played for eight weeks, fans were hyped up to see the jets finally face off against the Colts. There was a huge build-up to the moment, adding to that the fact that the fans had become so hungry for a game after not having any for two months.

The game itself was not as exciting, though, as it was a very easy win by the Jets. They had a 10-0 lead by the second quarter, and the game indeed with a score of 37-0, the Jets winning.

Jets VS New England Patriots (2009)

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, who had only played for two games in his rookie season, was already becoming one of the biggest favorite Jets quarterback. One reason was that he carried his team to a home victory against the New England Patriots back in 2009. Back then, this was their first win against the team since 2001. The game ended with a final; score of 16-9.

Jets VS Giants (1988)

For a long time, the Jets were looked down on as “second-class citizens,” as the New York Giants was the bigger and more successful team back then. In 1988, they finally had the chance to prove that they were no second-class people when they faced off with the Giants.

The game was a big one for the Giants, as winning it would mean they would have had made it to that year’s playoffs. The Jets beat them, ending their season short that year.

Super Bowl III (1969)

If you are someone who has been into American football for a good amount of time already, you probably already guessed which match would be the top in the list of the most historic victories for the New York Jets.

What made this win historic, aside from the fact that this was the first and only Super Bowl championship win of the Jest in their history so far, was the hype, the drama, the build-up, and the ultimate victory of the team against all odds that back then was not in their favor.

Before the game, Joe Namath and his team have been receiving great pressure from the fans as well as from the media, as they are about to face off with then powerful Baltimore Colts. Back then, to say that the Jets were a huge underdog was not an over-exaggeration.

Broadway Joe claimed victory in front of the cameras and on the fateful match day, the Colts was not strong enough to pummel through the defense of the Jets. The Colts were overwhelmed, and Namath and his team lived up to his bold claim of victory. IN the end, the Jets emerged as the victorious underdog on a final score of 16-7.