The History Of Why Adam Gase Was The Wrong Choice

Stephen Zantz

The Jets are 3 weeks away from potentially (and very likely) becoming the 3rd team in NFL history to finish 0-16. Adam Gase is a major reason why this franchise has taken multiple steps backwards instead of forwards. I have highlighted all the events that led to this point and his inevitable firing on January 3rd or 4th.

The Introductory Press Conference – Most of the time when a new coach is hired, introductory press conferences typically have no bearing of what type of coach they will be once the games start. Somehow some way Adam Gase found a way to make the Jets look foolish before he even had his first practice. During the press conference, it appeared as if Gase was daydreaming rather than focusing on the task at hand. This task was to instill confidence that our wonderful (kidding) owner had made the right decision. Instead, the Jets and Gase were the laughing stock on social media and the Jets had their first loss of the Gase era before the season even started.

Clashing with Mike Maccagnan – Make no mistake, Mike Maccagnan deserved to be fired for his work on compiling a terrible roster due to poor drafting and bad free agent signings from 2015 – 2019. Despite this, Adam Gase clashing with the man who played a major role in hiring him was extremely problematic. There were reports that Gase and Mac were not seeing eye to eye on roster moves. A few weeks before Maccagnan was fired, Gase spoke to media and blatantly denied any rift with him and the general manager. Less than a month later, Mike Maccagnan was fired and Gase was named interim general manager until Joe Douglas was hired in June 2019. Although Gase may have had justification on not overpaying Le’Veon Bell or CJ Mosley, allowing the rift to become public and denying was not something you want out of your head coach. This was yet another display of dysfunction from the Jets organization.

The Start of Forfeit Football – Sam Darnold contracting mono hindered the Jets ability to win games early in the 2019 season. Trevor Siemian getting hurt only made it worse. This led to Luke Falk (who is no longer on an NFL roster) becoming the starting quarterback for 2.5 games before Darnold returned. I understand that Luke Falk was not suited to play in the NFL but the Jets for all intents and purposes did not even show up against the Eagles and Patriots in 2019. Injuries are a large part of football and every team must overcome them. So many coaches around the NFL have had to start backup quarterbacks and have found ways to game plan around their deficiencies. Well Adam Gase decided that it was not worth his time to give his team a chance to win. He essentially coached both games as if he was on autopilot and ready to board the bus to leave the stadium. Successful head coaches do not quit on their teams.

Playing Down to Poor Competition – The Jets beat went on and on during the offseason how the Jets went 6-2 after starting 1-7. Anyone who has two eyes knows the 6-2 down the stretch finish was extremely skewed (see 0-13 start to 2020 for context). Adam Gase found a way to lose to an 0-7 Dolphin team as well as an 0-11 Bengal team (worst team in the NFL in 2019). I will say the Dolphins were a lot better than we thought when the Jets lost to them, but they were lifeless over the first half of the 2019 season. Regardless, any competent head coach is not going to lose to two teams who were winless midway through the season or later. A friendly reminder that Adam Gase skipped Thanksgiving with his family to prepare for the winless Bengals who blew out the Jets.

The Le’Veon Bell Saga – No one can sit here and say the Le’Veon Bell contract was a success. It was a colossal failure. That doesn’t mean Adam Gase didn’t botch his utilization of Le’Veon Bell. We are in the midst of watching a 37-year-old Frank Gore getting 12-15 carries a week on an 0-13 football team. He brings nothing to the pass game and is extremely average at best. Le’Veon Bell hasn’t played well for the Chiefs thus far, but it doesn’t mean Gase was right. Throughout 2019, Adam Gase was not involving Bell nearly enough in the offense. He also was extremely bleak on justifying the lack of involvement for Bell. When asked at the end of last season if Bell will be on the roster in 2020, he told the media to ask Joe Douglas. Fast forward all the way to training camp and Gase insisted he had a good relationship with Bell. The Jets cut Bell halfway into the season. Gase’s mismanagement of star players was another indictment of his ability to coach in the NFL.

The 2020 Season Overall – We are almost at the end of the worst season in franchise history. This team is worse than Rich Kotite’s 1-15 squad. The Jets deserve 0-16. Think about the amount of blunders the team has had. The inability to score points after the first offensive drive is mind boggling. Losing to Brett Rypien on Thursday night football was pathetic. Continuing to run the ball on 2nd and long every game was an effective strategy (kidding). Insistence on constantly using 12 personnel when the tight ends are non-factors in the offense was comical. Breaking Sam Darnold’s ability to play quarterback was just flat-out sad. The cherry on top was Gase not overruling Gregg Williams’ Cover 0 play call on the last play of the Raider game. Adam Gase doesn’t even deserve to be a quality control coach in the NFL after this season. Hopefully he moves to Miami like his family reportedly plans to do so after he gets fired and he stays away from football. Remember he doesn’t care what you think because he is rich.