New York Jets Initial Reaction – Jets Keep Tanking for Trevor, Gregg Is Gone

Matt Marciano with initial reaction to the New York Jets dropping to 0-12 and quick thoughts from Joe Caporoso on the Gregg Williams firing

From JC on Gregg Williams: 

The Jets made the somewhat surprising decision to fire Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams today, as the clear scapegoat for yesterday’s loss to the Oakland Raiders. Williams was a pleasant surprise in 2019 and was the only major hire Adam Gase made that was not dragged along from his unsuccessful Miami years (Interim Defensive Coordinator Frank Bush was someone who was dragged). Williams was bad this year and has generally been overrated by fans but it is comical to see the media outcry around him needing to be canned immediately while ignoring Head Coach Adam Gase’s 0-12 record and 32nd ranked offense. For his inconsistencies, who do you think is a more respected figure in the Jets locker room, playing tic-tac-toe on his play sheet, throw everybody under the bus Gase or the maniac Williams? I am not sure it is close. Everybody is gone from this staff in a few weeks and this should actually help the tank in the short term as since Gase was hired, it has been the defense who has been the primary reason for most of the team’s victories and close games.

Now on to Matt’s article…

I have a confession to make – as a long-suffering, but proud, NY Jets fan, I was rooting for the Jets to lose yesterday to the Las Vegas Raider. I feel like I have suffered enough as a Jets fan and would like to start seeing some glimmer of hope for the Jets after what has been their most horrible season in team history.

To be a Jets fan this year is to hope they continue to lose, so they will be guaranteed the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and select Trevor Lawrence to help be the “quarterback of the future” that the Jets had not had in some time, one would argue, since Joe Namath. The Jets losing also helps secure what will eventually be the long national nightmare that has been the Adam Gase era on the Jets ending in Florham Park.

The Jets yesterday almost let me down, as with just a few seconds on the clock in the game, they were about to win. I for one, was disgusted and thought this would be the “Same Old Jets” – that this win will come back to haunt them and will make them fall to the second or third pick in the NFL Draft. Luckily, the Jets defense, led by the worst Defensive Coordinator in the league, Gregg Williams, was not able to cover the hail mary that Derek Carr threw at the end of the game, helping to secure a 31-28 victory for the Raiders.

Let’s be clear here – the Raiders stink and how they are in the playoff picture in the AFC is beyond me. They looked at times worse than the Jets (which I did not think was humanly possible) yesterday. I do not get why Jon Gruden is not on the hot seat (other than that long-term deal that he signed a few years back to return to the Raiders) as his team is not very good at all. I was sort of hoping years ago Gruden would have come to the Jets, when he was considering a return to coaching and leaving the broadcast booth, as he seemed to be the right coach to lead the Jets at that time.
I do not get how Derek Carr is a starting quarterback either. He did have 375 yards passing, but this is the Jets defense that would give away those passing yards to a high school JV team. Carr at best, looks like he would be a decent backup quarterback in this league, but not a starting quarterback based on his play yesterday.

As for the Jets, Sam Darnold continues to prove he was a draft bust by throwing interceptions, playing horrible and showing no passion or emotion trying to lead this team to victory. Adam Gase was not the right coach for him to develop, which he admitted this week, but I doubt even Andy Reid could make Sam Darnold a franchise quarterback in this league. He needs to go at the end of this season.

I also found it quite interesting that during the CBS broadcast of the game yesterday they kept showing split-screens of Raiders coach Jon Gruden and Jets Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams. It seemed like Adam Gase was not deemed worth mentioning during the telecast, which I could see why, as the Jets have accomplished nothing under Gase’s tenure with the Jets.
Looking at the remaining games for the Jets, including the next two being back-to-back road games in the west coast against the Seahawks and the Rams, one could hope the Jets are not in the nail-biter that they were in yesterday against the Raiders. The Seahawks lost to the Giants yesterday and one would think Russell Wilson and former Jet Jamal Adams will be ready for the Jets at home next week. The Rams are also a high octane offense, led by Jared Goff, so I one would hope the Jets are not competitive in that game as well.

The Browns also are becoming a more threatening team offensively and will be playing the Jets in their home finale in two weeks from this Sunday. The only game I worry that the Jets could be somewhat competitive in would be their season finale game against the Patriots. The Jets almost beat them in their first meeting at home, and one would hope the Patriots will be able to beat the Jets once again to end this awful season.

The Jets season was definitely summed up in that last-second Raiders touchdown yesterday. Poor defensive coverage, blowing a lead in a game that they should have won, and bad offensive play, especially by Sam Darnold, have made the Jets the laughing stock of the NFL this year. One can only hope that the Jets can get it together next season and that starts with a new head coach, coaching staff and hopefully the first pick in the NFL Draft next year to select Trevor Lawrence, which will hopefully change the course of the franchise around.