Jets Recap… There Goes Trevor Lawrence Jets Fans

Matt Marciano with initial reaction to the Jets first win of the year….

After seeing the Jets beat the Los Angeles Rams this afternoon, I have to admit, I am about done rooting for this team or following the team. The Jets needed to lose all of their remaining games, as the Jaguars do not seem to be winning a game anytime soon and now look like they will get the number one pick in the draft next year and get the quarterback that the Jets were meant to have lead their franchise for over the next decade, Trevor Lawrence.

What has gotten me more annoyed is reading social media comments from Jets fans who do not want to draft Justin Fields if the Jets get the second pick in the draft next year. To them I say – what are you smoking? ANY quarterback, even Justin Fields, or a seventy year-old Joe Namath is an UPGRADE over Sam Darnold. Have you seen Sam Darnold suck it up game in and game out this year? Have you seen him throw interception after interception? Have you seen him pass each game for under 200 yards, when the Jets should have drafted Josh Allen instead of Darnold three years ago? If Darnold is still the quarterback next season, I am done being a Jets fan. Trevor Lawrence or not Trevor Lawrence, the Jets need a quarterback other than Darnold leading them next year.

Did Adam Gase fail to develop Darnold? Yes. Did Gase of Joe Douglas give Darnold any top free agent receivers to help his passing game? No. But the fact remains that even if Darnold played under the great Andy Reid, I do not see him as a franchise quarterback. At all. Darnold’s time on the Jets is over.
At this point, as unpopular as this may sound, I would like the Jets, with the second pick in the draft to stay put and draft Fields. Period. End of discussion. I also think as a stopgap measure to transition the new coach to prepare Fields to be the quarterback of the future would be to trade for Carson Wentz. He is a quarterback that like Darnold has struggled this year, but unlike Darnold, with a new head coach, would be more successful on a new team.

As for head coach candidates, these are the only three names I would be happy with the Jets hiring – Chiefs OC Erin Bieniemy, the best offensive assistant out there, who learned under the best in the league in Andy Reid. He would be able to develop Fields and change the culture on the Jets. As for my other coaches – throw all the money at Bill Cowher to return to coaching. Sure he has been out of coaching for a while but he won a Super Bowl and is someone who would be a no-nonsense Parcells coach that the Jets need. My other choice would be Jim Harbaugh. He has had success in the NFL as a head coach, taking the 49ers to the Super Bowl years ago and would be a disciplinarian that the Jets sorely need to lead this team. Any other coach, especially the Bills OC or some of the defensive coaches being mentioned will not make me excited for the future of this team.

As for the fact that the Jets and Jaguars have the same record at the end of the season at 1-15, which now looks likely, the Jags get the first pick due to strength of schedule. In this case, the NFL should have these two hapless teams play each other to determine the first pick in the draft, since they did not play in the regular season. That is the only fair way to break the tie if the teams have the same record.

Plus the Jags are not a good landing spot for Lawrence with news that head coach Doug Marrone, who only has one win this season and a lot of blowout losses, may return next year. How do you justify that move if you run the Jags? Makes no sense.

What does make sense is I am done with the Jets if they do not even take Fields in the draft next year and stick with Darnold. He is a bust as a quarterback and get him off the team. If Bieniemy, Cowher or Harbaugh are not on the sidelines next year, the Jets will continue to be in the basement of the AFC East, along with the laughingstock of the NFL .