Initial Reaction – New York Jets Remain Without a Win, Amen

Matt Marciano with his reaction to the New York Jets dropping to 0-11…

The New York Jets continued their embarrassing and forgettable season, dropping to 0-11 following a lopsided 20-3 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Sam Darnold continued to look horrible, throwing two interceptions, while journeyman (and former Jets quarterback) Ryan Fitzpatrick made it look easy against the Jets.

This now leads to the question about the Jets remaining schedule for the year and if there are any games that they could possibly win, which hopefully is not the case in their bid to get the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The number one pick in the draft could alter the Jets franchise in a positive direction, which would mean getting Clemson Quarterback Trevor Lawrence in the draft.

With the Jets playing the likes of the Raiders, Rams, Seahawks, Browns and Patriots, I see this week’s game against the Raiders as a possibility for the Jets to do well, but not win the game. The Raiders got embarrassed by the Falcons this past weekend and to keep their playoff hopes alive they need to beat the Jets in what will be a trap game for the Raiders. I do not see the Jets defense being able to contain Derek Carr and hold them to minimal points in this game.

With regards to the Rams and Seahawks games, the Jets will be lucky to even score any amount of decent points against either team. The Jets defense will not be able to stop the high octane offenses of Jared Goff and the Rams and will struggle even more so against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. Add to that former Jets diva Jamal Adams playing for the Seahawks and holding a big grudge against his former team and the Jets are not going to be able to win either game, on the road.

The last two games against the Browns and Patriots should be interesting. I think the Browns are not as good as their record indicates, especially when they barely beat the one-win Jaguars this past week. The Browns have a decent offense, which should lead them to victory. The last game of the season is against the Patriots, on the road. The Patriots may be barely still in the playoff hunt and should be more prepared to easily beat the Jets, especially when they barely beat them a few weeks ago.

One can also hope the Jaguars will win at least one more game, to hopefully seal the deal for the Jets getting the first draft pick. They have games left the Vikings and Bears (this could be the best chance for another Jaguars win this season). In addition they end their season by playing the Colts. One could hope the Colts made the playoffs before this game and will rest players, if they already have their playoff seed sown up, which could help the Jaguars in this game.

The season can’t end soon enough for us Jets fans. This would guarantee the end of the disastrous Adam Gase era and would also hopefully ensure the Jets the first pick in the NFL Draft to get a real franchise quarterback in Trevor Lawrence. The Jets have been horrible to watch, week in and week out, this year. Hopefully a new coach and quarterback can change the culture and the way the Jets play heading into the 2021 season.