Lessons from Jets vs Pats

The Jets winless streak continues as Bill Bellichick’s downtrodden Patriots scrape out a win to break their 4-game losing streak. Even extending to a loss against the chargers.

One of the weakest Patriot teams we’ve seen in a very long time, the Pats managed to turn all four drives they had in the second half into points, dealing a 20-7 run that ultimately put them ahead in the game’s dying seconds – thanks to a fantastic Cam Newton throw to Jakobi Meyers that put the Pats in field goal range. Once Folk hit the field goal as the clock went to zero, the comeback was complete.

And just like that the downtrodden Jets racked up yet another loss in this winless campaign. And yet one can’t help but wonder if they didn’t deserve better. Joe Flacco played an absolutely phenomenal game, reminiscent of his prime form from days gone by, and the Jets’ offense looked as sharp as they’ve managed to look all season. Overall, while the result may ultimately be disappointing, it was an encouraging display that suggests the Jets still have a few tricks up their sleeve.

So now that the dust is settled, what lessons can we learn from the Jets v Pats?

Bad Defenses, Good Offenses

While both teams struggling offensively this season, the sportsbooks were predicting this to be a much lower scoring affair than it ended up being. Big betting sites like sportbook.ag put the over/under at 41 points, and gave the Patriots a 7.5 point handicap as they were expected to brush off the Jets without too much of a hassle.

Instead, the match played out quite differently than the bookies expected as both offenses had a good night out, with the total coming in at 57 and a last gasp field goal being the only thing separating the two bitter rivals.

Joe Flacco played one of his best games in a long time and he managed to make the Jets’ offense look like a functional and re-energized machine – especially for the first half. Flacco completed 18-of-25 passes for 262 yards with three touchdowns and one interception.

Of course, this came against a depleted secondary of a Patriots team that have looked like a shadow of their former selves this year, but it was nice to be reminded of what the Jets’ offense can accomplish when Flacco is inspired.

Cam Newton’s form deserve more credit than he’s getting

While Flacco may have been the better quarterback on the field this time around, Cam Newton put in a rock solid performance that ultimately gave New England the win.

While many discounted and mocked Newton after his infamous fumble in Week 8 against the Buffalo Bills, he has quietly been putting in low key but effective performances for weeks now.

Against the Jets he finished 27 of 35 for 274 yards, 2 rushing touchdowns, no interceptions and a 99 quarterback rating. While his downfield throws were pretty woeful, Newton pulled off some tough runs throughout the game and gave a pretty precise performance overall.

But most importantly, when the score was tied at 27, Newton came through by finding Jakobi Meyers on the final drive of the game, completing the thrilling comeback and robbing the Jets of their first win of the season.

While performing against the Jets is definitely not the benchmark this year, if Cam Newton can continue plugging in performances like this one the Pats might just find themselves having a bit of a resurgence.

Count on Nick Folk to deliver

While Cam Newton might be the one taking the plaudits, former Jet Nick Folk managed to snag himself a 100% success rate on his performance against the Jets. Scoring all 3 of his field goal opportunities as well as going 3 on 3 in extra points, Folk ultimately gave the Pats the win with a 51-yarder with no more time on the clock.

All of this while nursing an injury

If Folk can continue this form, his field goals and extra points are bound to give the Pats a much needed extra edge that will often make the difference – as he proved in this game.

The Jets just can’t seem to win

Just when it seemed like Jets fans would finally get to celebrate a much needed victory – and one a long time coming against their bitter Bostonian rivals – things fell apart in an almost cruel manner.

After delivering their best showing of the season in the first half, the Jets’ dominance started to decline after the break as their 20-10 lead slowly dwindled. In the fourth quarter, the Jets only had possession of the ball for a minute and 24 seconds, and they only gained 78 yards in offense in the entire second half.

While their first half performance was certainly an encouraging sign for Jets fans and showed off what the Jets can actually do when they are focused and motivated enough, their second half performance was almost too emblematic of the Jets season so far.