Jets vs. Chargers – The Jets Fail to Takeoff Once Again

Matt Marciano with his initial reaction to the New York Jets dropping to 0-10…

At this point in the Jets disastrous and forgettable season, I cannot help but hope that the Jets continue to lose the remainder of their games. Yesterday the Jets, just like their last game against the Patriots, almost won the game. Fortunately for all of us that want to make sure the Jets get Trevor Lawrence with the first pick of the NFL Draft next year, we continue to have hope with each Jets loss that this dream will become a reality.

A few thoughts about the Jets and Chargers game yesterday. If the Jets were a halfway-decent team (which we from game one this season they clearly were not) they should have easily beat the Chargers yesterday. However, the Jets defense continues to be just as bad their offense. The defense gave up 375 passing yards to quarterback Justin Herbert. Herbert is not the best quarterback in the league, but the Jets defense made him look like Tom Brady was playing against them yesterday. This defense is awful and Gregg Williams needs to go at the end of this season. They have no stars on the defense since safety Jamal Adams was traded to the Seahawks and that has shown in every game this season.

With regards to the offense, can Sam Darnold come back to play next week against Miami? Joe Flacco, as bad as a quarterback he is, has made the Jets more competitive in games than Darnold has this season. Even though the reason some think Darnold is not having is a good season is due to the lack of depth at wide receiver for the Jets. If that is so, why is Flacco having better success than Darnold? Just continues to show Darnold is not a franchise quarterback and that he needs to go at the end of the season. I only want Darnold back in the lineup as he gives the Jets the best chance to lose by even more points when he is under center.

The Jets play host to the Dolphins next week, who lost to the Broncos yesterday. This is a game out of the remaining six games left in the season, the Jets could keep close, but will hopefully still lose. After that the Jets have games home against the Raiders, at the Rams, at the Seahawks, home against the Browns and at the Patriots to end the season. The only two games the Jets stand even a slim chance is against the Dolphins and the Browns. Here’s hoping the Jets continue to lose and the Jaguars win another game or two to give the Jets a chance to finally have a franchise quarterback and a much more decent and respected coach roaming the Jets sidelines next season.