The 2020 New York Jets Game Of Thrones Guide…

Michael Meegan with your ultimate 2020 New York Jets to Game Of Thrones comparison guide…

The Jets on the field in 2020 are unwatchable.  They stink on defense, they stink on offense, their coaching is atrocious.  Off the field they are way more entertaining as the dysfunction, backstabbing, and gross incompetence is really reminiscent of the HBO series Game of Thrones.  Instead of torturing myself with thinking about why Adam Gase was not fired after the Denver game I decided to reimagine One Jets Drive as Westeros.

Adam Gase is King Joffrey

Just unlikeable in every facet.  Both extremely unpopular rulers who everyone knew would be a disaster once they were in charge and somehow they proved to be even worse.  They were both preceded by bad rulers that have now had their followers doing revisionist history wishing we could go back to King Robert and Todd Bowles as we did not realize how much worse it could get.  Gase seems to be on course to meet a painful end as coach of the Jets and similar to Jofrey no one will be sorry to see him go. 

Who Jets Fans need Joe Douglas to be – Lady Olenna Tyrell 

Lady Olenna was ruthless and cunning and was one of the most powerful puppet masters in all of Westeros.  She was constantly 3 steps ahead of her adversaries and always did what was in the best interest of her house.  The honeymoon period of Jets fans with Joe Douglas is starting to come to an end.  Douglas has the cap space and the draft picks to completely transform this roster in his image the next 2 years and he needs to deliver where many former Jets executives.  Lady Olenna orchestrated the murder King Joffrey once her family got into power and Jets fans need Joe Douglas to do the same with Adam Gase.

Jimmy Sexton is Tywin Lannister

For those who do not know who Jimmy Sexton is he is the agent of GM Joe Douglas, HC Adam Gase, and QB Sam Darnold.  He might have more power than anyone in the organization without even having an official title with the team.  Much like Tywin Lannister who is the richest man in the kingdom with the Crown in debt to him and he controls everyone around him and in debt to him.  Having the agent be the same of the 3 most important positions in an NFL franchise is not wise and with an incompetent owner like Christopher Johnson could very easily could be the reason why the Jets might not have a new HC and QB in 2021.

Christopher Johnson is Robin Arryn 

Robin Arryn lead a very sheltered life and when was thrust into a leadership he was woefully underprepared and was easily manipulated.  Christopher Johnson has no idea how to run an NFL franchise.  He barely worked in the Jets organization before becoming CEO in 2017 and its showed as he has been a disaster.  He hired Adam Gase because of a phone call from Peyton Manning and has refused to admit the mistake.  The Jets will always struggle to viewed as a franchise with good ownership with the Johnsons at the helm.

Sam Darnold is Rob Stark 

I loved Rob Stark he was my favorite Game of Thrones character through the first 5 seasons and for those who did not watch the show he did not make it to see the 4th season. 

Rob had early success as the leader of the North which led him to be heralded as “The Young Wolf” and “The King in the North” and everything looked so promising.  He unfortunately had a fatal flaw that lead to his demise.  I love Sam Darnold I want nothing more for him to be the savior of the franchise that he was once heralded as.  Sam like Rob Stark has a fatal flaw.  He is just too freaking nice.  With an incompetent HC who refuses to tailor an offensive game plan to his strengths, prioritizes bad football players who fits his scheme instead of the ones who can best help succeed, and constantly leaks to the media negative things about Sam to distance blame from himself.  Sam refuses to blame his HC or the lack of talent around him and takes full accountability.  Sam is likely going to be sacrificed for the sins of this franchise and that is going to be a sad day for Jets fans as he has been failed by this franchise.

James Morgan is Tommen Baratheon 

Both utterly useless and neither will ever be remembered for doing anything noteworthy.  

Jamal Adams is Viserys Targaryan

Both said they were different, both said they were saviors that would lead us to the promised.  Everything they said turned out to just be empty promises.  When it was time for both of them to go everyone was satisfied to see them leave.

Dowell Loggains is Hotpie 

Great for memes not great for much else.  I think Dowell would be a much better chef then offensive coordinator/challenge flag holder.

Gregg Williams is The Hound 

Both men have certainly seen some shit in their time.  Both quote machines who are surly as come be and make everything they do way more entertaining than it should be.

Trevor Lawrence is Jon Snow

The Prince who was Promised the man who is a Song of Ice and Fire.  Trevor Lawrence is the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck.  He might be the only thing that can save this franchise from another decade of misery and disappointment.

Jets Fans are Oberyn Martel

Watching this team every week feels like our heads are being squeezed to mush by the Mountain every week for 3 hours. 

Woody Johnson is The Night King

He is the dark cloud that is hanging around this franchise He is coming back and we have no idea what it is going to look like when he does and what change that will bring.  Buckle up, Jets fans just Like Winter Woody is Coming.


Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports