New York Jets – Why is Adam Gase Still Employed?

Stephen Zantz asks the question on every New York Jets fan’s mind…

Typically, my weekly piece surrounds a dive into Sam Darnold’s performance.  The TOJ readers deserve something better than a dive into a 35-year-old Joe Flacco. Considering Darnold is week to week, I decided to write a glowing review about this “brilliant offensive mind” of a head coach.

Anyone reading this is aware of how terrible the New York Jets are in 2020. After an 0-5 start, it is truly mind boggling how Jet fans must suffer through another 11 games of Adam Gase coaching this team. The Jets now own a point differential of -86. That is 33 points worse than 2nd worst point differential which is the Washington Football Team. The Jets are bottom 5 in just about every statistical category no matter what aspect of football you look at minus field goal kicking and punting. Shout out to Braden Mann and Sam Ficken. All jokes aside this coach is nowhere near suited to run a pop warner team let alone an NFL team.

Please tell me another NFL coach who consistently allows his offense to take delay of game penalties out of timeout or a change of possession. This is basic football 101. Things like this should not be happening often at the NFL level. He’s the first coach in history to punt on 4th and 1 twice in the first 5 mins of a game as of yesterday. What other NFL coaches are consistently punting in the 4th quarter of a game when their team is down multiple scores? Todd Bowles comes to mind, but he is no longer a head coach. I’m sorry Gase did actually run a draw play to Frank Gore on 2nd and 26 against the Cardinals. Adam Gase coaches with a loser’s mentality and just seems like he wants to go home as fast as possible. I can’t listen to him defend how great the practices are every week. Fans do not want to hear about practice. What happens on Sunday is what matters. I have yet to see a Sunday or even a Thursday matter.

Explain to me what Christopher Johnson is seeing because anyone with two eyes and somewhat understands football knows this unacceptable. CJ decided to give this “brilliant offensive mind” a ringing endorsement after the week 1 loss to Buffalo. Combine that with the fact fans aren’t allowed in MetLife Stadium for home games to boo this garbage. Christopher Johnson clearly doesn’t not want to swallow his pride. The longer the organization allows this to go on, the harder it will be to bring in a new coach because this team is toxic. The jury is still out on Joe Douglas as a general manager. I recommend he puts an end to this and begin the process of fixing the mess of this franchise by firing Adam Gase. Jet fans are classified as impatient for always wanting change. Change doesn’t guarantee things will be better, but I can promise you they wouldn’t be any worse.