New York Jets Week Six – Another week, Another Horrible Loss

Matt Marciano with a loss vent on the New York Jets 24-0 defeat to the Miami Dolphins

When I was looking at the Jets schedule over the summer, there were a few games that I thought they could easily win. One was the Broncos, who beat the Jets, another one was the Cardinals, who manhandled the Jets last week at home and the third was the Jets basically winning at least one matchup with the Dolphins. Of course, I am 0 for 3 and doubt that the Jets will beat the Dolphins the next time that they play, later in the season at MetLife Stadium, as the Dolphins easily defeated the Jets 24-0, which is the first Dolphins shutout victory in more than six years.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, who played for the Jets for two seasons, in addition to former Jets OC Chan Gailey, now the Dolphins OC, made it look easy against the Jets defense, who cannot get to the quarterback, let alone tackle opposing defenses correctly. This loss brings the Jets to a pitiful 0-6 record and the next three games for the Jets, at home against the Bills, at the Chiefs (imagine how big of a blowout the Chiefs will have against the Jets) and at home against the Patriots on Monday night, has the Jets looking to go to 0-9.
This continues to beg the question of why Adam Gase is still employed by the Jets. He alienated players, and apparently told Jets Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams to “shut up,” according to a story in The New York Post, after Williams told the media that the reason for the Jets failures does not always have to do with the defensive side of the ball. Look at how good his former quarterback in Miami, Ryan Tannehill is doing with the Tennessee Titans to see that Gase can damage players careers as long as he is the coach. The Jets do not have to make Williams the Interim Coach, but someone like offensive assistant Hines Ward, who I argued for in a previous column, would be a sufficient replacement until the season is over.
The Jets were unable to convert yesterday on third down, and Joe Flacco looks just as bad, if not worse, compared to Sam Darnold leading the Jets offense. This was another mistake by the Jets that I have written about frequently. You had Phillip Rivers (who had over 300 yards passing for the Colts yesterday), Nick Foles, Cam Newton and Andy Dalton available to challenge Darnold to be starting quarterback and to be a legitimate backup to replace him if he gets injured (which seems to happen every season for Darnold) and you go with Joe Flacco. Flacco is not the quarterback that he used to be with the Ravens and seems like a deer in headlights out on the field. He is just as bad as Darnold.
The CBS crew (of course, we get the awful Catalon and Lofton crew, as we have yet to get Gumbel or Harlan calling a Jets game since we are so bad) pointed out Joe Douglas, shaking his head in disbelief while watching the Jets game yesterday in Miami. His expression is the reaction of every Jets fan for years now, especially this year. Douglas deserves a lot of the blame as well for not doing anything meaningful in the draft or free agency to get a decent wide receiver or tight end and not re-signing Robby Anderson, who is having a great year on the Carolina Panthers. Douglas needs to step up and show Gase the door and hire a big name and tough new head coach, or I would get rid of Douglas down the line as well.
Douglas also, when the Jets get the number one pick in next year’s draft, as they are the only winless team in the NFL and  I do not see them getting better anytime soon, better not trade the number one pick and use it to select Trevor Lawrence. Time  to rebuild with a new coach, quarterback and multiple changes on offense. Jets fans have suffered and seen enough. It is time for management and ownership to step up and address the problems plaguing this organization.