New York Jets: Week 5 Offensive Review

Dan Essien with a statistical review of the Jets week 5 matchup against the Cardinals

The Jets offense is terrible. This season, this offensive review segment takes a deeper look at how dysfunctional this offense is from week to week. We’ll analyze offensive efficiency, play-calling, and other data points. I’ll also be marking improvements or regressions against the season average for certain stats. Next up is the Jets week 5 matchup against Arizona.

Result: Cardinals 30 – Jets 10


Total Plays: 64
Total Yards: 285
Yards per play: 4.5 →
Turnovers: 0
Time of possession (+/-): -4:30 (27:45 vs 32:15)


Total Drives: 11
Total Plays: 64
Scoring Drives:
Plays per drive: 5.8
Points per drive: 0.9
Yards per drive: 25.9
3 and outs:
3  (27% of drives were 3 and outs)


3rd down conversions: 31% (4/13)
4th down conversions:
0% (0/2) →
Red-zone TD conversion: 33% (1/3)
2nd and 5 or less:
13% (3/23)
3rd and 5 or less: 23% (3/13)


Top 5 – Total Intended Touches (targets and carries) + Yards per Intended Touch
  1. Le’Veon Bell (14 total, 13 carries, 1 target)
  2. Jeff Smith (11)
  3. Jamison Crowder (10)
  4. Frank Gore (9)
  5. Chris Herndon (3)
Top 5 – Total Passing Targets
  1. Jeff Smith (11)
  2. Jamison Crowder (10)
  3. Chris Herndon (3)
  4. Chris Hogan (3)
  5. Braxton Berrios (2)

Passing Risk

Joe Flacco Passing Chart

Additional Notes:

The offense doesn’t really change that much with Flacco at the helm. They can’t scheme enough explosive plays, they can’t finish in the red zone, they can’t stay ahead of the chains, their distribution is predictable, they don’t take enough risk…what else is there to say?

The Jets are averaging 1.2 offensive touchdowns a game. For comparison, the Jacksonville Jaguars, another bad offense (26th ranked scoring offense in the NFL), are averaging 2.6 offensive touchdowns a game. That’s more than double the amount of touchdowns per game than the Jets. Hard to believe some were really talking more about Bell liking tweets this week than this horrific offense.