New York Jets – Removing The Joy From Football

Matt Marciano on the total lack of joy around New York Jets football

The New York Jets from their ownership, to general manager and of course, head coach, continue to embarrass themselves and definitely are making the claim to be the most dysfunctional organization in the NFL. This continued yesterday with the release of free agent bust Le’Veon Bell, who was actively looking to be released from the Jets and even took to Twitter to air his grievances with the team and organization.

This has been the pattern of the Adam Gase-led Jets over the past two years. Get rid of star players, such as Jamal Adams, get rid of the General Manager you did not want to work with and now release a once star running back who to put it mildly is not the same running back and star he was with the Steelers. I have been critical about Le’Veon Bell in other columns. He could never seem to stay healthy when with the Jets, was underproductive on the offense and was paid too much money when he brought no production to the Jets offense.

It looks like the Jets released Bell to save some cap space, instead of releasing him by the end of the season. However, I would have kept Bell on the roster and just benched him. The Jets never seem to get the best returns on their investments (see Jamal Adams) in terms of great trades with other teams. Now Bell can clear the waiver wires and I am sure will be much more productive on any team that picks him up, than he was on the Jets.
This also shows how short-sighted the Jets management is. Instead of throwing money at free agent wide receiver or tight end, two years ago, positions that the Jets have no one with any decent skill level at, they threw a lot of money at Bell, who did not even last two full seasons with the Jets. Ridiculous to say the least.

And by the way… with all of these players like Jamal Adams and Bell coming and going, why is Adam Gase still employed by this team? The Texans fired Bill O’Brien and the Falcons parted ways with Dan Quinn. They were not the best coaches, hence their dismissal, but Adam Gase has to be the worst coach in the NFL and he still has a job. While the Falcons and Texans can already start planning for a new head coach search, the Jets are sitting back and not doing what will hopefully be eventually done, and that is showing Gase the door. The quicker they do that they can rid the Jets fans of the Gase nightmare and ramp up a search for a legitimate coach to come the Jets next season.

The Jets are a hot mess of dysfunction, mismanagement and are just horrible to watch every Sunday afternoon. A coaching change would at least give the Jets some hope that next season will look a little bit better than this one and that starts with Adam Gase being fired…. now.