New York Jets – Make Hines Ware Interim Head Coach

Matt Marciano on the right interim HC candidate for the New York Jets…

The New York Jets are even in a bind when it comes to picking an Interim Head Coach if and when they let Adam Gase go before the end of the season. The problem is not that Gase should be fired, he should have been fired already and quite honestly should have never been hired to begin with. The problem is more of who would replace Adam Gase to lead the Jets until the season is over? I have an answer to that question, but before we get to that answer, let’s look at who should have been on staff who would have made the perfect Interim Head Coach for the Jets. 

The Jets, just like on their roster, have no depth in any of the coaching positions. Gregg Williams would have been the best choice to lead this team on an interim basis, but with the horrible way that the Jets defense has played this year, Williams is out of the running and should be out of the job by the end of this season. That leaves us with another incompetent coach in Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Dowell Loggains. Besides looking like Patton Oswalt of The King of Queens television show fame, this man is another person, like Gase, who should not be a coach in the NFL based on the way the Jets offense, especially the quarterbacks, have played the last two seasons.

If the Jets were a more properly run organization, Loggains would have been fired at the end of last season. I would have brought in the available fired head coaches who were then looking for Offensive Coordinator positions, namely Jay Gruden (who is now the Jaguars OC) or Jason Garrett (now the Giants OC). They were much more successful fired head coaches, who run a more credible offense compared to Gase and with either Gruden or Garrett you would have had someone who would have made the decision to fire Gase midseason even that more easier. Of course, the Jets do not even try to get either coach in the offseason, who would have been an easy upgrade in that position over Loggains.

That leaves us to who would be left, that is now on staff, to coach the Jets on an interim basis. I would give the job to their current offensive intern coach, Hines Ward. Ward,  a former player for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Super Bowl MVP, would give the Jets a better option than Gase, until they hire a new head coach. Ward is not without his own controversy through his career in the NFL, but I feel like he would give the Jets a spark that is needed, at least short-term for the team. I would fire Loggains as well as Gase and bring in Josh McCown, the one backup quarterback that Sam Darnold exactly learned from as a rookie, to coach the offense for the short-term and to see if he is a long-term solution for that position for the Jets. At the very least, McCown was a smart NFL QB who would make for a great Quarterbacks Coach for the Jets, regardless of who the Jets have under center next season.

The Jets need to make a coaching change mid-season and get rid of Adam Gase and Dowell Loggains immediately. Hines Ward would at least create some type of positive buzz around the Jets, which has been lacking since the Jets hired Adam Gase, and could provide some hope to Jets fans that things may eventually get better for the Jets.