New York Jets – How Does Joe Douglas Find Success In New York?

Michael Meegan

The Adam Gase Era is the worst I have seen in my 23 years as a Jets fan.  He is by far the worst HC in the current NFL and every week he is still employed by this franchise is befuddling. Adam Gase has only done one thing right during his time as he was an instrumental part in getting Joe Douglas to be the GM of the Jets.  Now some will say that the media narrative of Gase and Douglas bromance dating back to their time in Chicago is overblown and is not the reason Douglas took the job and with that I agree. 

However, Adam Gase is directly responsible for the backstabbing and removal of Mike Macagnan from the GM position which opened up the position for Douglas to eventually take.  If the Jets hired another coach in 2019 Macagnan would have eventually been fired but it likely would not have been in May and who knows if they would of landed Douglas if their GM position was opened at the end of the 2019 season when teams normally do it.  The question I am trying to answer today is how good does Joe Douglas have to be in order to make the woeful Adam Gase Era worth it.

The answer to that question is quite simple in order for Joe Douglas to make the Adam Gase Era worth it Joe Douglas needs to be good enough as a GM in order to receive a contract extension from the Jets that keeps him here longer than the 6 year one he penned in June 2019.   “Saves word document, goes back to watching Trevor Lawrence highlights in my prayer circle that the Jets do not mess up this beautiful tanking season by winning meaningless games”.  What Joe Douglas has to do in order to warrant that extension?

That is a much tougher question to answer so I tried my best to forge a path to one. 

Nail the HC hire –  The Jets reporting structure is very dumb where both the HC and the GM report to the owner and I have my reservations if Joe Douglas will get full autonomy to pick the next HC.  However, they pay Joe Douglas 3 million bucks a year for a reason and I think they will give Joe Douglas a major input in choosing that guy.  The next HC will be tied to Joe Douglas and if he does not pan out Douglas will not get the opportunity to pick another.  Douglas should choose someone who can be a leader of the team and has a similar philosophy on football to himself as the best HC/GM are often lockstep on this and this makes identifying free agents and draft picks easier.  

Crush The Mid-Rounds of the Draft –  The Jets for too long have wasted second, third round, and fourth round picks.  It often seemed lighting the draft slip on fire was more productive then actually taking the guys they drafted in those spots.  The Jets roster is barren and they have a lot of holes that need to be filled. A lot of people have pointed to the 4 first rounders the Jets have in the next two drafts, while hitting on those 4 picks is huge how you build a sustained contender is crushing the middle rounds.  The Ravens where Douglas cut his teeth have been doing it my entire life and that’s why they are one of the NFL’s model franchises.    

Never stop adding to the Front Office –  When the Jets were negotiating with Douglas a report that kept reoccurring was Douglas wanted significant funds to build his front office and bring in guys he really trusted.  Douglas was able to bring in some guys from his time Baltimore and even went to Indy to bring back a familiar face in Rex Hogan as assistant GM.   Howie Roseman blocked him from getting some executives he wanted based on his time in Philly and after that we have not heard much since.  I hope Douglas stays aggressive in always adding new minds to his brain trust as its been reported he follows the Ozzie Newsome philosophy of always giving his scouts and executives a voice regardless of their level when it comes to any personnel decisions.    

Become a consensus Top 12 GM – In no order the 12 GMs I would take to start building a team with would be Bill Belicheck, Brandon Beane, Rick Spielman, John Robinson, Kevin Colbert, Eric DeCosta, Tom Telesco, Brett Veach, John Schneider, Chris Ballard Mickey Loomis, and Howie Roseman.  By year 4 of that 6-year deal Joe Douglas does not have to be better then all these guys but he needs to be spoken about in a similar breath as them to warrant an extension.  If he follows the 3 steps, I listed above I give him a good chance to do so.  

Joe Doulgas has a lot of draft picks and cap space to mold this roster how he wants to.  There are too many football people way smarter than me who swear by Joe and think he will make the Jets successful for a long time.  I really hope what their saying is true because I am fucking sick and tired of watching a mediocre football team every week.