New York Jets 1st & 10 – Kliff & the Cards Smoke the Jets

Stephen Russo goes 1st and 10 on the New York Jets latest blowout loss…


Before anything else, I’m a fan. I bleed green. My father instilled this in me at a young age the same way that I am doing with my 6-year-old son. The story is that Joe Namath signed a deal with the Devil to beat the Colts in Super Bowl III, and if that’s the case I’m pretty sure my dad was the one who handed him the pen.

I have a passion for the Jets, there’s nothing I can do about that. I also have a passion for writing. So, I mold the two together and it provides me an opportunity to do things I love doing, connect with other Jets fans as we are few and far between in my area of Central New York, and most importantly it provides me with a therapeutic outlet for the dismal attempt at football this team puts out there on a weekly basis. I consistently try to operate with two viewpoints: one from a fan’s point of view (which I can’t get rid of), and the other from an objective, or pragmatic, standpoint. I like to blend the two together to formulate my opinions and how I write and connect with each of you.

So, because of my undying fandom, like an idiot, each and every Sunday I still put on my Jets gear and sit there like a dunce for 3+ hours to watch a sorry attempt at football. For what? What is the actual point? I’m unhappy when they lose because their performance, imagination, and lack of discipline is utterly appalling. I wouldn’t be happy if they won because it just provides another vote of confidence for Adam Gase and gets us further away from the #1 overall pick. The young players who we want to see perform in hopes they can be building blocks for the future don’t even sniff the field because of their inept head coach. So again, why do I watch? There’s clearly no good that can come of this…

Like I said, I’m a fan first. I get connected to players. I was in a deep depression for a week as a 14-year-old kid when they traded Keyshawn Johnson to Tampa Bay. I was a ball of anxiety for an entire month while Darrelle Revis held out in 2010. I almost cried tears of joy when the Browns took Baker and I heard Goodell announce Sam Darnold as the Jets pick. And like most of you, I couldn’t go back to sleep as I was so elated when I found out the Jets signed Le’Veon Bell at 12:30am that amazing March morning.

But, this organization, and specifically this coach, has sucked the fun out of football for me. I don’t care anymore. And that’s hard to do. I don’t have any connections to players. It doesn’t matter to me. I am a firm believe in Sam Darnold’s talent, and if you read any of my work, you know that I was adamantly against the “tank for Trevor” talk and considered it blasphemous. Now, I don’t care. Just be good. Score points. Win games. Allow me to watch competent football again. I don’t care who wears the jerseys.

This is what they have done to me…


1. The Le’Veon Bell release makes no sense to me. I understand that he wasn’t part of the long-term plan for this team, and getting rid of him paves way for the young guys. But Gase doesn’t play the young guys! And if Christopher Johnson believes that firing Gase would be a hindrance to Sam Darnold, wouldn’t he believe the same about getting rid of one of his top weapons?

2. Chris Herndon is not being utilized properly, that is for sure. But he is not helping his cause one bit. His performance thus far has been abysmal.

3. I think Matt Campbell would be an amazing head coach for the Jets.

4. John Franklin-Myers was a good find. His future could be bright.

5. Watching Frank Gore get a 2nd & 26 carry down 14 points in the 4th quarter is my new definition of hell.

6. What is your level of confidence that the Johnsons will actually get rid of Adam Gase at the end of the 2020 season? I would say that if it’s anywhere near 100%, you’re lying to yourself.

7. There is nothing you can say to convince me that Frank Gore getting carries over La’Mical Perine for an 0-5 team is warranted.

8. Matt Rhule and Robby Anderson tearing it up together in Carolina is going to rank high on the list of deepest cuts for Jets fans.

9. Have you noticed that I have only made one bullet point referencing this specific Cardinals game and it was pointing out Frank Gore’s 2nd & 26 draw? It shows the state of the franchise and the complete disinterest of the fanbase in this team.

10. People consistently talk about Joe Douglas’ job being very difficult because of what he has to overcome from the missteps of Maccagnan and Idzik. This is inarguable and absolutely true. The same is true for the next Head Coach (whenever they may be hired) because of the missteps of Adam Gase. He, singlehandedly, has set this franchise back. The longer he stays here, the harder it gets. The single most important thing for this 0-5 team right now is talent evaluation, and Sam Darnold in particular. The prudent thing to do is rid Sam Darnold and other young (potential) core players of Adam Gase before he does more irreparable damage.