Matt’s Week Five Recap – New Quarterback, Same Result

Matthew Marciano gives his thoughts on the New York Jets through five weeks…

The New York Jets once again proved yesterday, in a 30-10 blowout loss at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals, that they are one of the worst teams in the NFL. Even with a new quarterback under center, Super Bowl winner Joe Flacco, the Jets looked just as bad, proving once again that the Jets need to fire Adam Gase now, to give the Jets fan some solace for what has and is going to be an awful season.

Let’s first start with the Arizona Cardinals. They are a good team, but not one of the best teams in the league. In fact, if the Jets had even a decent team they should have beaten the Denver Broncos last week and the Cardinals this past week. Once again, the Jets defense makes every quarterback that faces them an MVP as Kyler Murray threw for over 380 yards in this game. Can you even recall a game when Sam Darnold threw for over 250 yards or even 300 yards? The Jets defense under Gregg Williams this year has been awful. From the inability to tackle, sack the quarterback and being guilty of penalty after penalty, they are awful.

The Jets offense was just as bad. As I have mentioned time and time again, Sam Darnold does not have the makings of a franchise quarterback in this league or is the long-term answer at the position for the Jets. There was some hope (very little, bit some) that backup quarterback Joe Flacco, a veteran quarterback, would come in and at least manage the offense better than Darnold. That did not happen at all. Once again Le’veon Bell is back after another injury and cannot even get over 100 yards rushing in a game. Along with Trumane Johnson on defense a few years back, this was one of the worst free agent moves and investments in a player that the Jets have made in recent times.

I have gotten a lot of flack on Twitter for suggesting that the Jets should have signed in the offseason a decent quarterback to compete with Darnold in training camp and eventually be the starter if Darnold struggled early on in the season or got injured, both of which happened this season. Joe Flacco was not the answer at the position. Andy Dalton, Phillip Rivers, Nick Foles and even Cam Newton, all available free agents in the past offseason should have been signed to help provide even a glimmer of spark to this horrible Jets offense.

As for the coaching, why is Adam Gase still here at 0-5? The Texans got rid of their head coach, Bill O’Brien, who had a slightly better record than Gase at 52-48, with a 2-4 postseason record. If he is let go for the Texans not playing well at the start of the season, how is Gase still here? I would like to see O’Brien get some type of consideration to be the next Jets Offensive Coordinator, if and when Gase is shown the door. He is not the best head coach, but would be a better Offensive Coordinator for the Jets to have next season. Gase not going for it on two occasions when he fourth and one is beyond disbelief. He is not head coach material for the Jets or any other team in this league and the Jets ownership needs to realize this sooner rather than later.

The Jets, due to some changes with the positive Covid testing on certain NFL teams will be playing at Miami next week against the Dolphins and now week ten at the Chargers. The Jets bye week moves to week eleven. Not a major difference but it will be interesting to see if Gase loses to his former team next week, if the Jets keep Gase going into the next game or not. The Jets fans deserve better than this and each Jets game has been painful to watch. The fact that the Jets are not even competitive in any of the games they have played in, with the slight exception to the Broncos game proves that they need to make a coaching change now. If the Jets make a coaching change midseason, I would love to see their current intern coach Hines Ward be given a shot in the short-term to make this team at least competitive on the football field.