Initial Reaction – New York Jets Release RB Le’Veon Bell

Greg Armstrong With His Initial Reaction To The Jets Cutting Le’Veon Bell…

Just when you thought the Jets couldn’t get any more boring, any more lifeless, any more incompetent…they go ahead and release Le’Veon Bell.

It’s honestly incredible that Adam Gase can turn a Hall of Fame level talent, a guy who excelled in the passing and running game for years with the Steelers, into a guy who was cut mid season. It was doomed from the get go with Bell and Gase, with noted great offensive coach Gase openly expressing how he didn’t want Bell and then refusing to use in him effectively because he “didn’t fit the system”. The same system that is last in offense. The same offense that can’t score any meaningful touchdowns. The same offense that has scored a majority of their touchdowns this season by Sam Darnold making something out of nothing outside of Gase’s play calls.

I understand that Joe Douglas has no allegiance to Bell because he didn’t sign him. However, as an NFL head coach whose job is to win games, how the hell do you not even remotely incorporate any of the things the Steelers did with Bell that put him on a HOF trajectory and turn him into RB2 behind 83 year old Frank Gore?

Bell has been nothing short of professional since he got here. For all of the diva comments that were made when he sat out the year in Pittsburgh, he constantly handled himself like pro and a veteran during these last years from hell on the Jets. The Jets, and more importantly Gase, did very little to nothing to even try and get the most out of Bell. The offensive line was horrific last year and Bell wasn’t used as a wide receiver all that much. The Jets can barely scrap together a usable receiving group this year and Bell got one target in a game in which the Jets were being blown out.

It stinks that we didn’t get to see the version of Bell, or even 75% of it, that we saw in Pittsburgh. For an offense as bad as the Jets have and for as stubborn as Adam Gase is, it’s malpractice that this team simply couldn’t find a way to effectively use a talent like Le’Veon Bell. The Jets organization continues to be a mess, from the top to the bottom. But hey, at least we get 11 more weeks of Frank Gore dives and 6342 more graphics about how he’s old.