The Sam Darnold Deep Dive Week 2 – San Francisco 49ers

Stephen Zantz with a deep dive on Sam Darnold in week 2 against the San Francisco 49ers…

The Jets hosted the San Francisco 49ers today and might as well stayed in the locker room because there wasn’t much of a fight. The Jets fell to the Niners 31-13 but the score is much closer than the game actually was. Here is the deep dive of Sam Darnold’s performance. FIRE ADAM GASE

Drive by Drive:

1st Quarter:

Drive 1: 1-3 9yds (Punt)

Drive 2: 4-4 27yds (FG)

1st Qtr Total: 5-7 36yds 0 TD 0 INTs (FIRE ADAM GASE)

2nd Quarter:

Drive 3: 4-4 29yds (Turnover On Downs)

2nd Qtr Total: 4-4 29yds 0 TD 0 INT (FIRE ADAM GASE)

3rd Quarter:

Drive 4: 1-1 1yd (Punt)

Drive 5: 1-3 18yds  (Punt)

Drive 6 1-2 1yd (FG)

3rd Qtr Total: 3-6 20yds 0 TD  0 INT (FIRE ADAM GASE)

4th Quarter:

Drive 7: 2-4 18yds (Punt)

Drive 8: 0-3 0yds (Turnonver On Downs)

Drive 9: 1-2 0yds (Punt)

Drive 10: 6-6 76yds 1 TD (Berrios Touchdown)

4th Qtr Total: 9-15 94 Yds 1 TD 0 INT (FIRE ADAM GASE)

Game Total: 21/32 179 Yds 1 TD 0 INT 65% Comp & 5.6 YPA (FIRE ADAM GASE)

This game was an absolute abomination from start to finish. Sam Darnold had no chance from the jump to succeed. Since this column is meant to talk about Sam’s performance and not the entire team, let’s get to it. Darnold showed some solid poise in the 1st half of the game. He was hitting his reads and keeping a few drives alive. The issue is the play calling. Sam is constantly throwing out routes instead of attacking the middle of the field. Adam Gase refused to let Sam throw any deep balls specifically on play action. One of Sam’s best plays of the day was his 8-yard scramble to keep the Jets’ second offensive drive alive which eventually resulted in a FG. This is something he NEEDS to do more often given his solid athletic ability. When you are deprived of playmakers, you need to find other ways to make plays. Sam also needs to audible more often at the line. On the 3rd offensive drive, the game essentially ended. That stop on 4th down after two horrible runs up the middle was the nail in the coffin. Sam needs to recognize what the defense is running and change the play. I’m fairly confident he would have been able to sneak for that 1st down.

The second half did not have much to judge. The team was in a huge hole and the play calls made no sense. Gase continued to run the ball down the double digits late in the 3rd quarter instead of trying to push it down the field. Sam should have had a second TD, but was robbed due to Chris Herndon dropping it right in his hands. The last touchdown drive was a result of soft prevent coverage by the Niners. I will say the touchdown was a great play by Sam where he flashed his ability to improvise outside the pocket. That throw was a beautiful laser to Berrios to get bettors the over if they were dumb enough to put any money on the Jets contributing to the game total.

All in all, Sam wasn’t bad today. He also wasn’t great either. He was probably a C+ or a B- at best. He was victimized by a few drops, but Hogan and Berrios were pretty solid given the circumstances. As long as Adam Gase is the head coach of this team I have zero confidence in a major jump from Sam. My hope is that the team starts 0-4 and we get Gregg Williams to run the show for the remainder of the year. Last but certainly not least…..