New York Jets: Week 2 Offensive Review

Dan Essien with a statistical review of the Jets week 2 performance against San Francisco

The Jets offense needs to be under the microscope. This season, this offensive review segment will take a deeper look at how functional this offense is from week to week. We’ll analyze offensive efficiency, play-calling, personnel, and other data points. This will also help us take a deeper look at where Sam Darnold succeeds and where he struggles. I’ll also be marking improvements or regressions against the season average for certain stats. Today let’s go through week 2 vs. San Francisco.

Result: San Francisco 31 – Jets 13


Total Plays: 62
Total Yards: 277
Yards per play: 4.5
Turnovers: 0
Time of possession (+/-): -4:26 (27:47 vs. 32:13)


Total Drives: 11
Total Plays: 62
Scoring Drives: 3
Plays per drive: 5.6
Yards per drive: 25.2
3 and outs:
1 ↓ (9% of drives were 3 and outs)


3rd down conversions: 36% (5/14)
4th down conversions:
0% (0/1)
Red-zone TD conversion: 0% (0/2)
2nd and 5 or less:
35% (7/20)
3rd and 5 or less: 53% (8/15)


1st down play types: 15 run / 12 pass
3rd and 5+ play calls: 8 pass/1 run (3 screens, 1 draw)
% of plays with motion: 24%
% of plays w/ play action: 22%

Personnel Breakdown

11 (1 RB, 1 TE) – 53% (33/62)
12 (1 RB, 2 TE) – 32% (20/62)
0 RB, 2 TE – 11% (7/62)
1 RB, 3 TE – 3% (2/62)


Top 5 – Total Touch Attempts (targets and carries)
  1. Frank Gore (23 total, 21 carries, 2 targets)
  2. Chris Hogan (8)
  3. Braxton Berrios (8)
  4. Josh Malone (7 total, 6 targets, 1 carry)
  5. Chris Herndon (4)
Top 5 – Total Passing Targets
  1. Chris Hogan (8)
  2. Braxton Berrios (8)
  3. Josh Malone (6)
  4. Chris Herndon (4)
  5. Breshad Perriman (2) +

Passing Risk & Protection

% of pass attempts 15+ yards (from LOS): 9% (3/32)
% of pass attempts 10-15 yards (from LOS): 15% (5/32)
% of pass attempts 1-10 yards (from LOS): 47% (15/32)
% of pass attempts at or behind LOS: 28% (9/32)

Completion % on pass attempts 15+ yards (from LOS): 100% (3/3)
Completion % on pass attempts 10+ yards (from LOS): 50% (4/8)
Completion % on pass attempts less than 10 yards (from LOS): 67% (14/21)

Average completion air distance (from LOS): 3.6 yards

Average number of rushers faced: 4.5 
% of pressures on pass attempts:

Sam Darnold passing chart

Additional Notes:

The Jets’ offense performed better than they did in week 1. That statement alone is concerning because they were still objectively bad in week 2. They were able to sustain longer drives and that created more balance in time of possession. However, they still weren’t doing much at all with more of the ball. Despite having no turnovers, and 9 more plays than in week 1, they only managed 23 more total yards.

Adam Gase mentioned the Jets wanted to get to 3rd and short to give themselves a chance. The were able to do that more in week 2, as shown above. 53% of their 3rd downs were 5 yards or less. Despite this, however, they still only reached the redzone twice in the entire game which equaled their week 1 total.

The Jets used a little bit more pre-snap motion and play action which was a positive. 2 of the 3 passing plays the Jets had that went for 15+ yards were play action passes. One of those was deep into the 4th quarter, however. The Jets need to keep increasing and improving their use of motion and play action. It has to be more than just random seasoning. The Jets don’t have that much healthy talent but they’re not really utilizing what they do have in creative enough ways. The larger problem is they also weren’t doing much of that with certain players healthy.

The Jets are still not running an offense that carries any risk with it. Darnold’s average completions only traveling 3.6 yards from the line of scrimmage this week, after a very low number in week 1, should be a very real cause for concern.

The Jets once again shut Chris Herndon out of the offense for a long stretch of time. He then had a few drops in the few targets he managed. Herndon’s target total was nearly halved from last week. Braxton Berrios doubled his targets in what we can assume was the Jamison Crowder role in the offense. It seems like another case of Gase throwing pieces around to fit his offensive template and not adjusting the template to fit the players. Herndon should obviously be a feature and not a burden.

Gase was rewarded last week for what was actually a bad play call on Jamison Crowder’s TD. His 3rd and long bubble screen of course made multiple return appearances in week 2. The 3 play calls resulted in a grand total of 5 total yards gained and 100% of the time it was followed by a punt.

The Jets had way too many “give-up” plays while they were down multiple scores. This included running on 1st down or 2nd and long, or on 3rd down and long, running a draw or passing well behind the first down marker and not going for it on 4th down. I counted at least 5 different give up plays. There’s having a bad team, and then there’s having a bad team with no fight. Being the latter will lose your fanbase.


Disclaimer: Some stats are not official but what I’ve found looking back over the game. Other sources may differ.