New York Jets Week 1 Secondary Review – 300 Yards For Josh Allen…

Michael Meegsn with his week 1 review of the New York Jets secondary…

Josh Allen eviscerated the Jets secondary on Sunday.  He completed 70 percent of his passes for 312 yards and two TDs.  Frankly it should have been even more as Allen missed some wide open throws in the second half.  The secondary was always a work in progress especially after the Jamal Adams trade but they need to be way more disciplined going forward then they showed on Sunday.  Time to hand out some awards!

The Vontae Davis Memorial Award, Pierre Desir – Desir was the worst player on the field for the Jets on Sunday.  He really took the Covid 19 protocols seriously as he tried his best to keep 6 feet away from John Brown at all times.  All 4 times he was targeted he let up a reception and Gregg Williams did not give the Bills a chance to expand on that number as he did not see the field in the 2nd half.  The Jets let go of Trumaine Johnson and Darryl Roberts this offseason and Desir was supposed to be an upgrade from them, he did not look it on Sunday.  

The Hello Again Old Friend Award, Bless Austin – I know it’s heavily influenced by the visor and the fact he wears 31 but Bless Austin really is Antonio Cromartie 2.0.  Bless was awesome on Sunday.  Solid in coverage but really shined with his willingness to tackle.  He blew up a Josh Allen read option for a loss and helicoptered Josh Allen in open space forcing a fumble that the Jets recovered.  I love how physical Bless is when he plays and did not looked fazed at all going up against a star WR like Stefon Diggs.  Injuries have always been the question with him but if he can stay healthy he is going to be a really solid number 2 CB for a long time in the NFL.

The Best Safety of the 2017 Draft Class Award, Marcus Maye – Maye had his best game in a Jets jersey on Sunday.  The guy was everywhere racking up 10 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 passes defended, and 1 forced fumble.  Gregg Williams put him the Jamal Adams role as a chess piece that he moved all over the secondary and in the box and Maye did not skip a beat.  We all saw the jokes about Gregg Williams playing Maye 20 yards off the line of scrimmage last year but with someone who struggled with injuries it was a way to keep him healthy.  If Maye can play all 16 in this new hybrid box safety role and all the extra contact that comes with it at the level, he played on Sunday he is someone the Jets need to extend and be a part of their future.  

Hopefully an Aberration? Award- Brian Poole – Poole was awesome in 2019 as the Jets slot corner and the deal he was brought back on was a homerun for the Jets.  He was not good on Sunday.  He gave up a back breaking penalty on 3rd down in the end zone that cost the Jets a touchdown and often look a step behind.  Poole missed a lot of time in training camp due to dehydration and I hope this game was a one off as the Jets desperately need Poole to bounce back.

Next Man Up Award- Ashtyn Davis and Quincy Wilson – Davis and Wilson did not see the field on Sunday as Nate Hairston replaced the bench Desir and did not fare much better.   These two need to see the field going forward.  Wilson had real talent coming out of Florida and the Jets need to see if something is there after trading a draft pick for him.  Nate Hairston is and always will be JAG.  The Jets used a top 70 pick on Astyn Davis.  Davis got a lot of runs with the first team in training camp and it was weird to not see him at all especially with all the 4 receiver sets the Bills used on Sunday.  With zero pass rush on this team want to see Gregg get 6 Db’s on the field as much as he can this year.